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Adept I

fortnite performance mode issues

hello, it been a while that i have some fps issue in fortnite with my rx 570 8go nitro + so i thought i should buy a new graphic card, so i stay in amd and i bought a rx6700 xt, i try it on horizon zero dawn and i was very very happy about it because i get a lot more fps but when i play fortnite i get like 80-120 fps and it drops a lot. I can't play anymore when i start a buildfight my fps drop to 50-60 fps. Now i regret buying it, i try everything and the only way to get a little more stable fps is to play on dx12 and settings set at max. I really regret buying this rx6700xt, if someone can help me please because i don't want to buy a 3070 and to empty my wallet.

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Everytime i play fortnite with my radeon pro w6600, well i always use older drivers from 2021 Enterprise 21.q4 and i play the game just fine at dx12 settings, everything max, but i keep shadows on high and i get around 80-100fps, stays around in the 80s when fighting. Also make sure you don't have ray tracing on lol, i mean i don't have it on it drains fps big time.

Maybe try enterprise 21.q4, it should work with your card. 

Adept I

I got performance mode issues as well when I play Fortnite as I'd get 30-55fps. I put all the settings to Low to try to get the best performance possible.

I tried DX12 to see if I can get better performance and I find that it looks awesome except the game is unstable in that the game has a high chance of crashing. When it does work the fps can hover from 20's into 30fps and experience drops too while on Low settings.


Try older drivers. See if they work better 


which one ?


yeah i tried dx12 aswell but i can't play with, too much details there is some zone with low-light and some shadows. i will stay in dx12 but if there is a solution to play with performance mode i will switch directly to perf mode. thanks for your answer

Adept II

This game needs a powerful CPU, I have an R 7 3800 XT installed in conjunction with the RX 6800 and the game works great on epic graphics settings in the DX 12 with RT on.