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Journeyman III

Fortnite FPS Drops, Stuttering when Using DX11/12 and Performance Mode

Hey! we have issue with drivers to play fortnite (performance mode). 

With dx12 i can play solid 200fps lock but with performance mode it’s 70 fps. We need new drivers for AMD to play it correctly. Thank you!



3600x, 16gbram, radeon rx5700xt.


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it affects dx12 too

many videos and messages were posted about it

if the game works fine with you then great but go fanboying elsewhere please



it doesnt affect dx12 at all. its nothing to do with dx12. the stutters in dx12 is due to it being in beta. the game is optimized for dx11, the dx12 is in beta due to it being newer and more untested, hence the crashes and stutters. nothing to do with the dx11 performance issue.



I already posted this video.

Please go away now


I had a problem with that for a long time, too. I made an uprgade from 1650 Super to RX 6600 and for the first week I regretted it a lot, I'm currently playing fortnite on dx12 and I have to play on high settings (shadows, high textures off) where I stay around 140-200fps, but sometimes it gets stuck too, but probably still better than performance mode where I get to 80-100fps max and my gpu is at about 10-20% load and I'd rather not even write about dx11, it's a disaster.


Matt, things are looking pretty rough in this thread. I see that this issue is listed under known issues on the latest driver foot notes. Is there anything the community can do to help at this point i.e. providing videos of performance graphs and listing settings and hardware? Is this purely on AMD's side or is AMD working with Epic to figure these performance issues out? As someone who has a lot of money invested in AMD hardware it would be nice to have more communication than what has been given. Its nice to have the acknowledgement but some insight into the issue would be greatly appreciated. 


the issue does not only affect performance mode but dx11 and dx12 aswell

only difference is there is a not optimal workaround on dx12

it also affects others games


aint no way this guys asking if their is anything the community can do to help, by providing footage and/or screenshots etc. and you still come to complain about it being more then dx11, which its not.

DX12 is not affected. if it doesnt work its either fortnite or your end. every other game that uses dx 12 has zero issues. dx11 stutters and has lowered performance in other titles aswell which they are working on fixing. 

no dx12 game that ive played stutters or bugs out. havent seen anything about any other games on dx12 not working on amd cards. 

have you tried reinstalling windows? or maybe resetting your bios or pc settings? becuase if dx12 isnt working its not amd's end. becuase it works fine for most if not almost all others. the slight stutters in dx12 with high fps is due to dx12 being beta for fortnite, and not as optimized as dx11 by epic games. 

btw a video of your game being low fps, isnt proof it doesnt work. for all anyone knows you could be capping the fps outside of the game. i understand that your unable to play the game. and you want a fix. but complaining here constantly wont help. 

not to mention your complaining about dx12 which more then likely isn't even amd's end. and its just congesting the thread.



I just want to say i have no issues running fortnite at dx12 pretty much max out at 1080p and I'm using Adrenalin 20.9.1. 

Just saying. 



A workaround has been posted in this forum and elsewhere on the internet to get the gpu working better under dx12 only.

If there is a workaround on dx12, it means the issue also affect dx12

Isn't there a moderator to kick this guy from this topic? Customers are reporting a problem, but he tell them there is no problem and talks nonsense.


your gonna ask to get me banned for trying to explain that the dx12 issue is most likely an issue on your end?

fortnite dx12 is beta, BETA. Meaning it’s not been finalised and is still getting adjusted. 
The work arounds are to probably get the performance from being so choppy, and having those big spikes it has. Take any other dx12 game, like halo infinite for example.  Runs only on dx12 and has absolutely zero issues with stutters or anything on amd cards. 

im just trying to let you know that amd probably isn’t the cause of you issues For dx12. Sorry if I offended you at any point, but I don’t see why you came at me after a comment I made to someone else, and are now getting upset about my presence. When all I’ve done is try and help. 

also @lurio they are working to try and find a fix for the issue, but if you aren’t able to wait switching to nvidia might be the better option.



"your gonna ask to get me banned for trying to explain that the dx12 issue is most likely an issue on your end?"

yes, because i'm not the only one who suffer from this issue which also affect many other games

i'm not responding to you anymore and will see if i cant block you, you're just looking for attention


lol alrighty then. 


Not replying to anyone specific im just wondering how as a community we can come together to demand an update on the progress at least let us know something is happening this is the #1 downloaded free  to paly game in the world how have tou had bad drivers for over a month now? 

The update is the same as the previous update I posted a page or two back.
The issue is known, listed in the release notes of the last driver as a known issue and is under investigation.
I don't have anything else to share. When that changes, I'll update the thread to let everyone know.


Cant you report that the issue also afects dx12, dx11, and others games...?( not only fortnite perfomance mode)



you are literally in a thread for fortnite perforamance mode and dx11 issues... 


so what? the issue "literally" doesn't only affect the fortnite performance mode but dx12 and dx11 aswell

and the developers need the right info to fix this issue

@ttocchi  I made a thread about the poor performance in DX11, DX12 and Performance Mode.. @Matt_AMD told me to come to this thread. You can remain adamant all you want to about DX12 not being affected but I can tell you that even with a 6950XT I am not getting the performance I should compared to plenty of other games. I have to crank the settings in Fortnite DX12 just to get enough load on the GPU to stay engaged. If I lower settings it lowers the GPU usage and my FPS drops. So stop harassing others for coming to this thread and reporting they are having an issue. AMD is tracking it and they want to see how many users it is affecting. They are going to use this thread to update everyone when the time is necessary. 

Y’all are actually lost 

I have a 6900xt both in dx11 and dx12 stutter is present. Game is unplayable on dx11 slightly better on dx12 emphasis on “slightly” pre game lobby is the worst with consecutive and constant frame drops. Can barely move.. With my overlay I can see the gpu’s usage is hardly ever at 100% sometimes I see it drop to next to nothing on usage. But normally I’ll see it stutter from 130-140ish fps down to 20-30fps and gpu usage looks to remain around 80%. My guess is maybe the amd overlay I’m using doesn’t always refresh fast enough to display the usage drop spike. This now makes two games unplayable for me, warzone caldera and now fortnite. Don’t like having to sit out while my friends play them.

system specs are, r7 5800x, 6900xt reference, 32 gig trident cl16 3600mhz, b550 unify, seasonic gx850w, Samsung 970evo, deepcool 360mm aio, Lian Li 011 dynamic

Just to add to the growing feedback - issue is very real as acknowledged in the release notes, must be game or driver related. I  recently went to play with my kids and wow how bad the stutter....unbelievable.  Turing on the overlay charts show the frame time spikes, usage drops, frequency drops, its virtually unplayable 

This is definitely a more recent issue as last time I play was smooth with older version of drivers and game.

Hopefully by dropping in here continue to raise awareness, Fortnite not working is such a big deal

Was just specifying a PC for a friend's son with a 6600xt - which is the much better value offering and performance right now but in I can't suggest that now - COD warzone and Fortnite are what he is keen to play and unless this is fixed its would be misery...guess looking forward to an update on this issue 

My own setup is an RX6800


Interestingly after watching a few YouTube videos went into the AMD tuning software and dropping the core clock lower seems to help ...Played around and dropped by a good 500Mhz to see what happened -  pushes the usage higher but stops the inconsistent behavior and stutters. I'm sure there is sweet spot for utilization and consistent framerate - 

Shouldn't have to do this as end user, but it positive net effect for me


Has everyone with a 6000 card tried the new driver? Did you ddu before installation? On my 5700xt it brought no effect but I saw that ppl with 6000 cards get really good fps on pm and the newest driver

The pregame lobby seems to be where it’s the worst for me, is it this way for everyone? I don’t have any stutter in the pre game lobby of rebirth on warzone. When the actual game starts it’s not as bad but still there.

Also just noticed that when I spectate someone after I die the game seems to have little to no stutter, but when I play it’s noticeably worse? Very weird, only time I’ve ever had this issue before was with packet loss on cod where spectating seemed easier on my wifi than actually playing, but this isn’t packet loss on fortnite it’s frame drop.

Hello, I have a 6900xt and I play with dx12. I have zero issues.

A friend of my have a 6700xt and have no issues to.

Some person installed the drivers only skipping the Adrenaline Software, and this fixed the stuttering issue for him. It may be that the software does not work well with the graphics card yet so completely uninstalling the Adrenaline Software and reinstalling the drivers only may fix the issue.

I also tried Fortnite on DX11 with my RX 6900 XT Red Devil and it was very much FPS frame drops, so I changed settings to medium and now I have no issues.

I have not yet tried the Driver only installation process but may in the future.

Here is a guide on how to install the drivers only for AMD cards:


Also, setting FPS cap to unlimited also decrease stuttering. The difference from unlimited to 144 cap was great for me and I don't know why having it unlimited makes any difference.

Still, it is still not a stutter free experience, but I also have a slower CPU at present (I5-8600K) and I was thinking to upgrade my CPU when Ryzen 7000 comes out. Maybe this will fix the stuttering issues further.

@InvadersMustDie1131 what are you game settings?

I play with competitive settings:

3440x1440 res

Everything on low expect textures high and view distance epic.

Multi thread on

Ray tracing off


@InvadersMustDie1131 does your rig stutter on dx12 in the pre game lobby and in the game if you play with max settings?


Before I updated my motherboard bios and chipset, I had pre-game lobby stutters in DX12 in Fortnite. After I upgraded bios and chipset, the stutters went away and it is now much smoother than before.

@RomatebitegeL updated my bios for my Msi MEG b550 unify x to the latest version. Also grabbed chipset drivers off AMD’s website. Did not help in my case. Still the same issue…. 


Maybe this video will have some solutions that will work:

It helped someone else on this forum to overcome stuttering, and perhaps it can help you too.


I've also experienced issues with terrible fps drops, especially in fortnite. I've tried many solutions i.e.

-Fresh install of windows

-Updating all drivers and BIOS

-different settings in amd software

-older versions of amd driver

Nothing seems to be effective enough, however 22.4.2 driver seems to work slightly better than 22.5.2 but random stuttering is still present. At current state, fortnite is not an enjoyable on RX 6700 XT which is weird, because on RX 570 which i had earlier everything was absolutely fine.

My PC:

i5 10400f

16gb ram ddr4 2666mhz



Going to test out my buddy’s 3080 next week in my pc just to make sure it’s not any other component in my pc and is in fact the gpu. I never had this issue with my 3060ti but then again I changed my gpu and cpu at the same time. I’ll update when I do it.


To upate this thread someone sent me some dx12 settings that work really well i dont get the normal 200-240 i normally do but  i get about 180fps solid only stutters are minor and definitely server side, now i can see its not all blurry from fps drops. 

Remember to play a few matches so it can actually figurte out how to render everything id say 3-4 matches some people say 1-2 but 3-4 will have it sorted. 


radeon super resolution off

anti lag on 

chill off boost off

image sharpening off  

enhanced sync off freesync off MAKE SURE YOU TURN THESE OFF THESE MESS WITH IT SO HARD! 


Hello I have finally been able to overcome my stuttering issue 100% in Fortnite, now and I can play on Epic Settings DX11 with no stuttering whatsoever!

Please watch this video below, since it fixed it for me:

Two recommendations in the video that did it for me (made it stop stutter) I believe was to disable Windows 10 gaming mode and putting texture rendering quality in Adrenaline software to "Performance".

I hope this can help someone else overcome stuttering, since it did help me.

@RomatebitegeL didn’t work for me


I am sorry it did not work. It works for me, I play DX11 on Epic Settings now no stuttering. And it does not stutter when playing the game after spawn island. Spawn Island always stutter for me, but except for that, it is smooth now.