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Journeyman III

Fortnite DX12 Crashing

Hello, i have a RX6600 XT graphic card with newest drivers but my Fortnite keeps crashing on DX12 . All my temperatures and other stuff is okey and fortnite is the only game that crashes. I can not play on the DX11 Version because my FPS are dropping down to 70 on the lowest settings. (dx12 is working fine +- 300fps) I found a reddit thread where people with Radeon graphic cards have the same issues. I also asked Fortnite Support for help but the things they recommended didnt helped me and they said that there may be a problem with my drivers but its not the case.  Does anyone knows a solution for this problem?


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Adept I

it might be an option to try to see if an older driver could solve this issue.