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formats 10 bits par pixel ??

activate or deactivate I have a hard time understanding what is it for and when I activate it is what the difference ?? 

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Adept I

10bit produce greater colours and depth then 8bit but I think you need  8bit frc or 10bit monitor . this setting has been there for quite some time now when I first enabled it 2 month ago it introduced so many problems like stuttering in games and when watching movies even tho I have 8bit panel display I wanted to see will it make any difference but I again checked this settings a week ago and the stuttering is stopped now. I can't fine any difference tho so I think you need a 8bit +frc monitor or true 10 bit monitor to utilise it , if you experience any performance problem just turn it off. 

yes you were right I had stuttering in the games when I activated it but since the new driver 21.4.1 no more stuttering works very well with the new pilot  my color depth and 10 bpc how to know if my screen is compatible I suppose that yes seeing that I can activate it means that it makes the colors prettier and more beautiful it is indeed  seeing that my color depth and 10 bpc do you mean that it is useless to activate it ??


There are two options related to 10bit in Radeon settings, one under Global graphics that requires a restart of your PC and one under Global display settings.

The one under global graphics is not clear on what it does exactly and it's a setting that may cause stutters even when you have a 10bit color capable monitor.

The one under global display settings is the one you should care about if you have 10bit color monitor. If you're unsure about your monitor bit capabilities, you can find out there, as the 10bpc option becomes available only if you're monitor is capable. If it's there, keep it at 10bpc. 

it's like placebo effect for me i can't find any plausible difference that's why i asked my friend to tell me if there is any difference but after i tested it with him he too can't find any difference so i think you definitely need compatible display that can show you 10BIT , remember i have a basic TN 8BIT 144hz monitor , so if you find anything changed or colors looking good keep it as far as it doesn't effect any performance .personally i would keep it on if it changed anything  : ) .

You won't see difference between 8 and 10 bpp apart from some very rare scenarios/applications, because all standart content is designed to be compatible with 8-bit displays which are the most common these days (some super cheap TNs might be found to have 6-bit, but are extremely rare and you need special "luck" to buy them accidentally; 10-bit are usually (semi)professional panels with a heavy price starting from $1000 and above; also 10-bit is a requirement for "true" HDR).


Hmm yeah smh..


no me when I activated the 10 bits per pixel format I found games more beautiful with the color in but graphic alord yes there is a difference my screen and Asus VP28UQG 28 "