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Journeyman III

Flashing VBIOS to solve black screen during driver installation problem

Hello, recently I bought an used Sapphire PULSE RX 6600 XT and when I put in my PC and try to install the drivers I always get a black screen during installation. I tried so many things like reinstalling Windows, preventing Windows update from replacing the drivers, used DDU and AMD cleanup utility. Different driver versions, different RAM, different motherboard, different PSU but nothing solves the black screen issue and AMD driver always fails to load.

The weird thing is that whenever I test it on another PC it just works fine. I tested it on three different PCs and it worked fine on all of them and its BIOS seems normal as per the photo of the GPU specs in GPU-Z when the GPU was working fine on one of these other PCs.

I thought maybe my PSU is faulty but I'm upgrading from a RX 570 which consumes 150W at maximum and the RX 6600 XT consumes 160W at maximum so it's only 10W difference.

So my question is, should I try flashing the VBIOS?

And here is my PC specs anyway:

PSU: Xigmatek Hydra 750W Bronze
MB: MSI MAG B660M Bazooka
CPU: Intel Core i5-12400F
RAM: Kingston Fury Beast RB 16GBs (2x8)
SSD: Kingston NV2 NVMe 256 GB and 500 GB + Samsung QVO 860 1TB

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-14 at 7.06.45 PM.jpeg

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Journeyman III

Go and click on "submit to online database" in (gpu z - export bios version) and if it says "Warning: You are viewing an unverified BIOS file" do it.