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Journeyman III

first time built PC

so my room mate tried to help me with my first build and we are coming across an issue with my graphics cards i got the. AMD Radeon RX 6800 card but when i try to boot the computer into the main windows operating system it shutdown for some reason....


My computer specs

B650 tomahawk motherboard

Ryzen 9 7900

1000 watt power supply

and a AIO water cooling 


and of course the graphics card i mentioned. i can run my on board graphics but when i try the graphics card my computer shuts down as soon as i boot it into windows 11 what am I doing wrong?




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First time build PC and you choose AMD GPU... wrong move..

Well, you need to check the event viewer see if you get any error.

"shutdown down as soon as you boot up", more detail, like you can login in then windows decide to shutdown or still in bios and just reboot.


Do not forget to update your BIOS to at least newer one. You also need check the BIOS setup see if there is something that not in good configuration like how your BIOS choose GPU (your CPU has no internal graphic, right?)

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