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Journeyman III

FirePro drivers not working for S9000 on any recent version of linux

Downloaded the appropriate drivers from this page-->

After installing the AMD GPU Pro drivers on a fresh install of the following distros, I always get a blank screen...

CentOS 7.9, CentOS 8.3, CentOS 8.4

Ubuntu 20.04.2, 18.04.5

Mate Ubuntu 18.04.5

Mint 19.3, 20.2

All of the above distros work fine with my S9000 using the stock linux AMD GPU drivers that come with a fresh install. But all distros show a blank screen after installing the AMD GPU Pro drivers (needed for OpenCL support). I bought the S9000 in supposedly unused/new condition recently, but I cannot verify that.

The host pc is an E8600 with 8GB of RAM.

Is there a procedure, other than the included help files that come with the drivers (which I've followed and always result in a blank screen), to explain how to actually get a working install of the drivers for a FirePro S9000 on any linux distro?

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Journeyman III

So, no one has any ideas?

There has to be a way to fix this, by someone knowledgable with linux drivers...are you out there?