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Final Fantasy XIV, bad performance, DirectX crashes etc. with 6700 XT

So, quite fed up that I can't play my main game properly -- to the point I want to sell this overpriced card. Performance is worse in crowded areas than my 1070 ti, which is ridiculous but kinda makes sense since Nvidia cards do better with CPU bound DX11 titles.

The worse part? Crashes, I had like 500 hours into the game with my 1070 ti with ZERO (!) crashes, the moment I put the 6700 XT on, all hell broke loose, I even did a complete format of my drive, fresh windows installation and everything, nothing helped.

Kinda tired, it all started when I installed the 6700 XT. 

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I don't have a solution but perhaps a workaround so that You at least can play the game, hopefully.

A Google search gives that this is a very common problem with Final Fantasy XIV with different h/w and GPU:s etc and it seems that many people have been helped out by running the game in border less window and then switch back to full screen mode.
You can't really do that from the game settings itself easily, however changing the configuration file and then use Alt + Enter key to switch.

See solution #1 here:
of course you can check out their other solutions they have as well.

Perhaps AMD or someone else can come up with a real solution.
Best regards from Sweden

Sadly this doesn't work for me, I did everything by the letter but alt+enter simply won't make the game go fullscreen. It's super weird now that I think about it, could it be related to the fact that I got the steam version? Googling does nothing. And I have already tried many things regarding the DX crash, apparently there are as many fixes as the stars..


Does it work to play in border less window only?
Does it work to play in DX9 instead of DX11?

Just for testing purpose.


And a really long-shot: in Your audio settings quality what are the settings there?
Right click on the speaker icon > open audio settings >  Device properties > new windows with Speaker properties (if that's your output) > click on Advanced tab => 

For ex. if You have 32 bits, 48000Hz try to lower this to 24 bits 44100Hz or even lower.
I have Swedish on my system so its not so easy to write what is says exact in english menus.


I have been out for various strange problems before in older games: game crashes, won't run at all etc. (Far Cry 3 and Crysis 2), when the audio quality was set to high and when I lowered the audio quality settings - problem gone.

Also if You don't have a touch keyboard and handwriting, shut off the service completely, because sometimes this interferes and can also cause more load to the CPU and yes I have been out for that as well in different games, never in Adobe Photoshop or AutoCad:

1. Click the Windows Start button, and in the Search field type services.msc and press OK.
2. In the Services list, double-click Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service.
3. Change the Startup type to Disabled and click Apply.
4. Click Stop and then click OK.
5. Close the Services window.

Best regards

I don't know why it wouldn't go fullscreen with alt+enter, but I don't want to try DX9 for that alone, I don't intend to go 9 even if I keep crashing anyway. And yes, I actually put audio quality to 16bit 44100Hz already, haven't seen the the audio related crash again. But it's weird, why it never happened before with 1070ti? Some really weird **bleep** right there. Anyway, as for the DX crash, yeah, I disabled the service like you said, let's see. Just now another problem came up, radeon software crashed and when I opened the icons at the desktop I saw like 10 instances of it (I know it's not really 10, it's just leftover after the crashes). I swear man, first chance I get I'm getting rid of AMD. In 15 years of gaming exclusively with Nvidia I NEVER had to do this much troubleshooting. Big issues with Fallout 76 as well btw, but I left that alone completely... dealing with FFXIV first.

it´s the drivers man, if you installed the "last driver" the version 21.4.1 you'll never get it working, uninstall that Sheet and install 21.3.2 it is the last known working version i had a lot of games render useless by that crap of "update" and the moment i unisntalled and reinstaled the previous version voila, probably that is the issue.

Not to mention bad performance with Fallout 76, occasional weird flickering on surfaces, reflective surfaces look horrible and have stripes (also look like you put lube on them tbh) freesync doesn't work properly, terribly inconsistent performance in general.. it's a hot mess.