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Journeyman III

FidelityFX adm firepro series support

Hello, I have a problem with the drivers for my graphics card. Well, I have an amd firepro w5100 graphics card and I would like to play "forza horizon 5" but the graphics card does not have FidelityFX. Is there a chance that I will have this functionality? Can you add it yourself? Can I turn it off in games? (In forza I can't do that because I am kicked out of the game.) Sorry for the poor English (English by google translator)

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You have a AMD Professional GPU card W5100.

AMD Pro GPU cards are not optimized for playing games. They are able to play games but the drivers are not meant to optimize the game playing experience or designed for playing games like the Adrenaline Drivers are.

I noticed that there is no Adrenaline AMD Driver for your GPU card:

Only the Radeon Pro software for Enterprise. I don't know if Radeon Pro driver supports FidelityFX feature or not.

Seems like FidelityFX is supported on Consumer GPU cards only.

Found this tech article about FidelityFX :

Also unlike DLSS, AMD is taking an open approach to FSR. The entire FidelityFX suite works across many generations of GPUs from AMD and Nvidia, including FSR. At launch, the feature is supported on RX 6000, RX 5000, RX 500, and 400 GPUs, as well as Nvidia GTX 10-series and 16-series and RTX 2000 and 3000 cards. Ryzen processors with Radeon graphics are supported, too.

Ok thanks for the answer.