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Journeyman III

Eyefinity with dual extended touchscreen setup problems.

I have a 2 1920 x 1080p touchscreens that I wish to use as one portrait extended screen, with the resolution becoming 3840 x 1080p. The problem I encounter is that once I run Eyefinity to join these 2 screens together to make the extended screen the touch calibration is completely off.

When the screens haven't been configured by Eyefinity yet and they are operating as 2 1080p screens with extended desktop enabled the touch works fine, but once Eyefinity is enabled the touch becomes completely off and the ability to calibrate the touchscreen using the Tablet PC Settings within the Control Panel doesn't work, as once I tap the second screen to calibrate it gives me an error message since I'm tapping 2 screens instead of the 1 it thinks I only have.


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