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Journeyman III

eyefinity options moved?

With the new software release some of the Eyefinity stuff has moved apparently?  I use eyefinity for 3 monitor setup (unless there is a better way?) and with this software change I am seemingly unable to change the "size" of the desktop.  I have 1 27" 1440p monitor and 2 24" 1080p.  I was able to previously change the desktop size once I had enacted the eyefinity display group.  Now I can't seem to find that option anywhere, and my 27" has black bars on the top and bottom to match the size of the 24. previously I was able to expand the desktop to all 3 monitors and essentially have the bottom of the secondary screens missing.  Meaning, the computer was sending a signal that would go to the equivalent of 3 27" monitors, instead of 3 24".

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


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