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Journeyman III

Explorer stuck in taskbar

Windows Explorer is stuck in taskbar. I open lets say My Computer(which launches the explorer)  and I cant maximize it. 

This started happening since 2 days ago after reinstalling windows 10. I formatted and reinstalled again not knowing what is happening. Clean boot, all things disabled except Windows services same thing. Finally safe boted and the problem was gone.

I decided to uninstall the amd driver and it was fixed. I reinstalled the Pro Edition thinking it might be different. Same thing.

Explorer stuck in the taskbar. No matter what I do can't maximize it. 

Let me know what details you want so we can troubleshoot this.

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Journeyman III

Using AMD clean uninstall tool (which is not clean because plenty of leftovers remain) I installed the amd suit over and over and over. Tried the Pro edition, the recommend etc. I tried the full, the minimal and just the drivers.

No result. After the screen flickers one last time and the drivers are installed, Explorer gets stuck in tasbar. 


Also take a look at this. Never happened before. When I try to printscreen and paste into Pain, the image is doubvle in size.It's as if I have extended display turned ON. But it's not. system info.jpg


You see my explorer open and maximized on the left, But that is not what I see. I only see one display on the left(the one with the system specs).

I do have my TV connected tot he GPU,'s not turned on.