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Journeyman III

Every single time I open AMD software my CPU temperature goes from 40 degrees to 80 degrees on IDLE

CPU : Ryzen 5 5600X
GPU : RX 570
This has been happening for a very long time for almost every single update and it is incredibly hindering to my CPU as whenever I open task manager at the very top I see an AMD software using up to 10% CPU while it's on idle, I'm not sure how on the world this is even possible to manage to screw up but as soon as I force shut down the software the CPU goes back to being 40-30 degrees. this is an unacceptable amount of temperature especially due to the fact that when you launch a game you have a very easy time overheating your CPU be it demanding or not too demanding.
I had this issue when I had instant replay on and now it's happening when NOTHING is turned on.
I will be uninstalling this software until they manage to fix it.
but from the fact that it's been an entire year with this recurring issue, I have doubts that they'll ever do something about it.

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Adept I

I noticed the same on laptops with CPU 4600H - launch FireFox with 30-40 tabs is enought to change temperature from 40 to 80-90 degrees.