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Adept I

Elite: Dangerous crashing with 22.6.1


 Elite:Dangerous is crashing in Horizons and Odyssey when flying to a ground installation with 22.6.1. The planet shaders/graphics are also not shown correctly.

22.5.1 works fine

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Adept I

Frontier reports this as a known bug with 22.6.1 and recommends staying at 22.5.1. Not sure what the fix will be or if 22.7.1 will work.

No, 22.7.1 does not correct the issue.

Still problematic on 22.8.2

Journeyman III

It might be fixed on 22.9.1

but in the event that for some people it isn't working I found a possible fix


granted this might only be applicable to Steam users

Go into Settings, then Downloads and do the following [I don't think the order matters]:
Clear Download Cache
Go into Steam Library Folders, find the drive that has Elite Dangerous on it, click the 3 dots and Repair Folder


I did this back on 22.8.2 and was able to get into Odyssey

Journeyman III

This ongoing issue is now a farce really. Yes, you can almost run Elite Dangerous Odyssey with 22.5.1 the performance is terrible with GPU extremely under utilised. Contact Frontier Development and they blame drivers, come to AMD and the response is use 22.5.1 but meanwhile nothing is done to solve the issue whereby I'm out of pocket for a 6700XT who's performance is more than underwhelming in game and out of pocket for Elite Dangerous Odyssey which is near enough unplayable at its performance level on this card. Dear me, trying to play and stream it is impossible as it becomes a slideshow despite there being little extra demand on GPU or CPU (according to AMD's own metrics.

Will this issue ever be looked at from the concerned parties?

Its still crashing with 22.10.1.

And its not only E:D. I have some crashes (even BSOD) with videos on second monitor.