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Elgato 4k60pro mk2 have Huge sharpness when resolution is < Native. Driver/GPU RX 6700XT

Hello everyone!

   I own dual Streaming PC setup and i have met a problem.

 The system number 1 (Gaming): 5600X / 16GB 3600MHZ / B550 / RogStrix 6700XT (RDNA 2) / 980PRO 250GB.

The system number 2 (Streaming): Ryzen 7 PRO 3700 / 8GB 3000MHZ / B450M / RX 570 / WD 240GB.

The Problem: Elgato capture card has added sharpness when i stream CSGO (<native display)

i play 1100x800.

I play 4:3 resolution and i will NOT CHANGE IT to a higher one (Playing 1080p solve problem 85%)

The lower resolution is the worst image is.

I dont have this problem on any others gpus (rx 570 /rx 560) Only on 6k series.

The single kind of usefull solution is to make a custom resolution  with CRU (NOt with implemented one in radeon software) the same one like csgo resolution. The problem with this solution is Image. is very blurry. it they dont match the sharpen appear again.

This problem is not only in csgo. it's in any game. The GPU Scaling is making it worse. The sharpen affect is permanently visible. 

Can you help me, please? New Bitmap Image - Copy.png


New Bitmap Image.png



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