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Adept I

eGPU: High Host application usage when disconnected

So I've been running my 5700XT from my Mantiz Saturn pro for ages with no issues on my C940, but I've started to dive in a bit a noticed (I'm on current and tried on previous drivers) that when my eGPU is connected Radeon Software Host App is lucky to use 6% but if I boot with eGPU disconnected (The main benefit of running an eGPU) Rad Host is using 12%+ usually around 12%-18% util.


I have X-connect working fine as well and I assumed X-connect would be the one discovering when an eGPU is connected or not so the driver can do the right thing?


The reason I came across this issue is my Sound Blaster G6 mic won't work if I boot with it connected but if I boot without eGPU connected (The SB is connected to the eGPU) then connect after login the mic works great but because I started without eGPU the Host app is running high and even though I've then plugged in the eGPU, the Host app does not drop it's utilisation to the avg 6% like if I booted with the eGPU connected.


I hope this is enough info for someone to maybe look into or understand where there might be an issue. I'm happy to test out whatever is needed to try and get this resolved.

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Adept I

So I did a little more testing and found a possible workaround (Not ideal though.


1. Boot the system eGPU unplugged

2*. (If not running eGPU) - end task Radeon Host Application. temps and power drop significantly and continue using the laptop
2*. (If wanting to run eGPU) - End task Radeon Host application

3. plug in eGPU

4. Run Radeon software app to restart the Host Application

5. Use computer as normal.

** The reason you must end the Host Application first even when plugging the eGPU in is that the host application does NOT drop it's usage lower when eGPU is plugged in, but if you close and restart the Host Application is run at it's normal 2-6% load vs 12  - 26% when it's left alone.


Hopefully AMD can see this and determine a way for the Host app to better understand what to do when an eGPU is plugged in vs not plugged in and it's pull on the system.

The above seems to work for me for now, I wonder if there's a way to automate this process??