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DX11 & Open GL Awful Performance

Okay first things first what is with the terrible dx11 perfromance? When you buy a high quality gpu you sort of expect it to run well. I think amd should offer customisability to improve the dx11 performance, i've also read that OpenGL suffers alot aswell. When it comes to running DX11 Games i've noticed that my old GTX 1650 out performs it (Stability Wise, with my RX 6700 XT i have like 4-6x higher peak fps but it isn't enjoyable in the slightest). I've heard of API Wrappers around but not sure how that'd benefit my problems, any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated! (Even if they're just small improvements)

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Try searching for Vulcan wrappers. It may help some games. I am happy with 60 Hz, I do understand some people prefer higher. Yes, DX 11 performance isn't great, but AMD prioritizes for newer APIs, which is understandable except I would like improvements like you. As far as OpenGL, not too many games use it, so it unfortunately will always be a hit or miss on AMD. Some games use it and works perfectly fine, others you will have to find workarounds or maybe keep an older card for those games.




Can you be more clear to what sort of problems you're having? what games, framerate in games, crashing?

As for OpenGL, i know for a fact that opengl performs really bad with "radeon pro workstation gpus", but with non workstation gpus, every gpu i have and used never any issues with opengl.

I don't necessarily play any games using the Open GL API I just have read many people have issues with dx11 and Open GL with AMD graphics cards. The main problem is fps stability where on dx11 I'd get 30-40 fps in some scenarios where I'd get 200+ on dx12. The issue is that on dx11 i reach a 40%, or so, higher peak fps in comparison to dx12. However, I know with a proper solution or greater optimisation from AMD's drivers I'd be able to reach more towards the peak with stability.

I forgot to mention I use a MSI Mech 2x RX 6700xt OC 12G card.

Yeah, you're **bleep** right. I bought an AMD GPU and someday wished to emulate some Android games... To my disappointment, all those Android emulators use OpenGL as their API...
I had a **bleep**ty performance while a concurrent GPU from NVIDIA had a smooth performance. So, you, as for me, made a bad decision buying an AMD GPU. You better go after an NVIDIA GPU and be happy with no problems with older APIs than confine yourself to be playing only Vulkan/DX12 supported games.

I like to play "old" games that only support DX11 — and it's not only a few games, it's a vast library of DX11 games —, and it isn't the right decision from AMD ignores this and expect the consumers to be content with that **bleep** performance.


@yFeitan  It's something people should know about. Seems not many reviewers mention this, and with the constraint on supply, it's become a thing where a person has to find a keen solution, for example I have another PC so I can play older games and use the 6700 XT for ray tracing and other games that run well on it. I agree with you, sure would be great if there would be resources put to at least attempting to optimize for the huge libraries we have. I know there has been some people asking for it, the problem is it would need to be a lot. You will find that AMD mostly wants to support newer APIs and titles.

@amdman I know that AMD is betting on the new APIs, but, man... and what about those who don't have an old graphic card? owning two graphic cards and keep switching one to another? It's better to buy an NVIDIA and have good support for old games and new games than this. But I know your point, I'm just frustrated knowing all this after already having bought an AMD GPU.


As the saying goes "It is what it is". We would all like to have better support, the concern from AMD will be but people don't buy cards for older games in general. It will be interesting how other players in(tel) the market will handle OpenGL and older DX. In this market with constraints I am glad I have an RT card, no it's not ideal but it's all relative. I would imagine for AMD it comes down to paying developers and engineers to support something they have decided won't make them more sales. I don't really like it either but "It is what it is".



What GPU AMD are you using?

because i have multiple AMD gpus and never had any issues using android emulators in OpenGL. Also, some android games does nto work well in OpenGL so you change it to DirectX. 

Also what emulators are you using? because LDPlayer and GameLoop are the top ones that people use and i use, Bluestacks is awful for performance.


@untouchable2k Bad performance in OpenGL and DX11 is not something particular to a few users, but something in general.  Nintendo Switch emulators, for example, AMD GPU users prefer to install Linux because it has better OpenGL drivers regarding those providers by AMD.

I have a video to show you guys of a 6800 XT losing for an RTX 3060 Ti — this last being cheaper. I'm really sorry about this video being in Portuguese, but I don't know if there is the same comparative video in English.

So, a powerful 6800XT losing in performance to a 3060Ti... You got to be kidding me. God of War is an "old" game but released on PC a few months ago, so... an RX 6800 XT user is paying more money to have less performance than an RTX 3060Ti user? 

Fortnite offers DX12 Support but it's something they regard as "Experimental", so is it a consumer concern to have to switch API in games and search for workarounds than AMD in taking some action about all this? I'm sorry guys if I'm being a pain in the ass telling all this but it's just something that I don't take it...


I would imagine the 3060 ti would lose in ray tracing performance. I do agree there are problems. Vulkan games do run fast, so there are games that the 6800 XT will win.

The only thing you can do about it is contact AMD, hope that someone starts a petition or something. I do agree, but none of us can fix it.