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Journeyman III

DX 11 games shader compilation stuttering on every driver after 22.5.1

Sys specs:

CPU - i3 12100f

GPU - RX 6600

RAM - 16gb 3200mhz cl16

PSU 750w

SSD nvme 512gb

I've bought RX 6600 in september of 2022, installed lattest drivers, 22.9.1 i think, and noticed that I have horrible stuttering and fps drops in all DX11 games. The next thing I did was to ddu 22.9.1 and installed racomended 22.5.1, it worked, no stuttering, no frame drops everything was fine, then amd launches recomended 22.11.2, I've installed it and I have even worse stuttering then on 22.9.1. If I'm not only one who has that problem, pls help.

P.S. I ddu everytime when installing new drivers

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Journeyman III

Hi, i know ur post is over 3 months but i had the same exact issue u do. I got a new 6750 XT and ever since i swaped gpu i felt these wierd stuttery shader cache fells in all dx11 games (most games i play). The ones i saw most stutters were Apex Legends and xDefiant. It trully felt that everytime i enter in the game it had to compile shaders all over again. I felt like that was a bit of.. Every time after an update i felt a HORRIBLE stutter trhu out a 30-60 min of gameplay until it felt ok. Going back to 22.5.1 that was gone, Apex Legends didnt even stutter in the first gameplay. I was blowned away with the difference, i hope they do something about this.

Journeyman III

I thought that my gpu was dying, my 6600m got the same issue, but when I installed 22.5.1, everything was solved. Every single driver after 22.5.1 give me stuttering on dx11 and a little bit on dx12.
pls FIX THIS AMD!!!!!!!!!!

Journeyman III

i have the same problems on my 6700 xt, installed 22.5.1 drivers and it fixes the problem but now i cant play some new games because the driver is old. AMD fix please!

Adept I

I just got a 6700 XT and have the same issue. I can't believe AMD hasn't read this post which is almost 10 months old. Im starting to think maybe i should just return the gpu, save a bit more and go back to team green. How can a gpu released 2 years ago have more issues with my gtx 970 which is almost 10????? I only play Guild Wars 2 and I have stutters and constant frame drops.


same, i am thinking to sell ,my rx 6700 xt and buy something from team green

Journeyman III

9 months later....

AMD did nothing to fix this problem!!!!

but community found that the problem is DX Navi dx 11 optimizations

There is a way to turn them off

Using the setting with dx9 optimized and dx11 disabeled fixes stuttering for me


hello metalplay 

when you said using the setting with dx9 optimized and dx11 disabled wich one do you mean?
im trying to fix stutters in fortnite with my 6700xt and 5800x3d.
right now its says for me that its on the dx9 navi with regular dx11.

Adept I

true... valorant stutters very bad with the newest amd drivers


still not fixed...

Adept I

still not fixed

i don't think it will be fixed, 2 years already passed since last correct driver released

I start thinking it's only my problem, I have RX 6600 and RX 6750, on same hardware BFV5 and witcher 3 on DX11 -  runs much smoother on GTX 1060 6GB without micro stutters
R7 2700X/32GB DDR4/SSD NVME/SSD SATA - for OS/Games
Same on R5 3600 PC

Driver 22.5.1 have very serious issues in CPU bound scenarios

Driver 23.10.1 - have no problems with stutters on RX6600 what I 've tested at least

Driver 24.4.1 have micro stutters in Battlefield's DX11, I can't use Rivatuner (doesn't show up in that games) and AMD catalyst overlay (because it's stutter much more with it)

Disabling TPM and PSP device helped but FPS still floating sometimes and micro stutters appears every 7-15 mins

Can someone with Windows 11 say it have same problems or it much worse?


Tried to install 23.10.2 (couldn't find 23.10.1). Works well enough but only if disable dxnavi, set shader cache to "always on" and disable multi-plane overlay in registry settings. BF5 still have some rare stutters, but at least it become playable now. btw somehow i turned on rivatuner monitoring in BF5, so monitoring is working there now

Adept III

I disabled dx navi optimizations and I still have stuttering on some games like dead by daylight.
RX 6600
R5 5600G
2x8 gb ram 3200MHz CL17
b450 aorus elite v2


Try to install 23.10.2 driver and do all regedit stuff (dx navi, shader cache and mpo)

Worked for me


I now have 23.11.1 but will try 23.10.2. Thank you.


Now testing 23.12.1, Enabled TPM/PSP - no difference.

I will never recommend AMD cards to my friends, only for enemies.


My friend wanted to buy rx 6700 xt, but seeing all my troubles he's going to buy some green one


23.12.1 situation with stutters better than on 24.4.1, but still unplayable. I also tried to change implementation of DX in registry, tried random game, AC Odyssey - FPS drops from 77 (benchmark on very high) to 55.... So, after that I have no reason to test BF V, that garbage drivers or hardware I dont know. Hope people reading forums before buying hardware. 


I found solution for Battlefield 5, no stutters, smooth gameplay with latest driver 24.5.1
In windows settings find graphical options (monitor) - add bfv.exe - choose high performance
In bfv.exe - turn off - fullscreen optimization and change override high dpi parameter to application
Create User.cfg with
Thread.ProcessorCount 6
Thread.MaxProcessorCount 12
Thread.MinFreeProcessorCount 0
Thread.JobThreadPriority 0
GstRender.Thread.MaxProcessorCount 12
and place it in Battlefield 5 root directory
and maybe add these lines in the end of PROFSAVE_profile file in Documents folder Battlefield 5
Also I choose power profile in windows - High perfomance just for that game
For BFV - I changed minimal GPU core speed to 2300 maximum at 2400 mhz (6700XT)
CPU load drop from 90% to 50 average and 60 at max. FPS limited to 144, vsync's turned off in amd drivers. SAM enabled. Shaders compilation take only 5-7 min of round, and it's not stutter like hell.
P.S - don't turn on statistic, it will stutter for sure


working with other games? 


Dont know, you can try it youself. Nothing bad will happen.

Obviously, cfg tweaks it's bf specific. Maybe some windows tweaks in cpu usage will affect on other games, cpu core parking, priority of process, power profle etc...