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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Drivers failing on a new system

I just installed amd rx 580 on a new system and i cant seem to install the drivers. Before restarting the computer after the installation of the drivers is complete i get a error message ''amd software detected that the display drivers failed to load..''.

After i reboot my computer it says that the windows may have automatically replaced my graphics driver. Ive tried disabling windows automatic driver updating through registry, group policy, change installation settings and DDU. So ive disabled it in 4 different places and it still replaces them, how ? I cant run any game on this computer i can just browse the web, because of the drivers...


PSU: Corsair 650W      Motherboard:gigabyte

CPU: i-7 3770               GPU:Rx580 4gb

RAM: 24GB 1333MHz

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