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Drivers & Software

Adept I

Drivers' annoyances

I'd like to open a discussion on few things I find annoying with GPU drivers. To clarify, the things I list below are not necessarily problems per ce, they do not break games, they are just that, annoying things.

1. Vulkan drivers can't be re-installed without re-installing the whole package. If one tries to run AMD VulkanRT.msi they will get "this package requires AMD Catalyst Install manager" Why is that? Intel Vulkan drivers for example, can be installed even without iGPU enabled in BIOS or present in Device Manager.

2. When doing clean install of AMD GPU drivers, or manually uninstalling running UninstallVulkanRT.exe, previous Vulkan drivers (uninstalled) end up in a folder in %temp%; the security on this folder is set in such way that one has to escalate to ring 1 (run as administrator) to delete it. Why? What is the point of it?

3. Author of tasks (as seen in Task Manager) is set to workstation on AMD internal network. Looks unprofessional.

4. %systemdrive% always assumed to be C:, %ProgramFiles% always assumed to be on %systemdrive%, which is on C:.

5. AMD Radeon Settings does not remember position (always starts on main display) or dimensions.

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