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driver update 10.11.1

so i updated my driver but now it takes around 2 -5 minutes to load into windows.

i already have an m.2 it would load into windows just fine with 10.10.1

does anyone have any ideas

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vega 56 air bost MSI

AB 350 G3 Gigabyte

64GB Alliance Tuff Ram

windows 10 64bit

seasonic power supply

AMD 1600X


It is likely that Windows is trying to mix older driver information from the fast boot cycle. 

Disable Fast Startup. Leave it disabled, you don't need it. I causes more issues than it is worth IMHO.

If this doesn't fix the issues alone.

Then have the driver you wan't loaded downloaded.

Run DDU from Wagnardsoft_com from safe mode.

Disconnect from the internet.

Restart and install the AMD driver again.

You should be good to go!