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Journeyman III

Driver Timeout

I just wanna make a post because at this point idk what to do. I've tried every **bleep**ing solution anyone has ever discovered for these driver timeouts and I still can't play forza. Isn't that insane, $1000 gpu and you don't get to play the game you want. This company is a **bleep**ing joke, I told myself before I bought this computer that going red was a dumb idea, but I thought hey whats the worst that could happen. I will never purchase anything from this joke of a **bleep**ing company again. The real kicker is the message you get when you get a driver timeout, asks do you wanna report so that they can improve and resolve the issue, **bleep**ing laughable. This **bleep** has been going on for over a year at this point and they haven't done jack **bleep**. Dog**bleep** company, never buy a gpu from them, theres a reason green is more expensive and its cause it actually **bleep**ing works.

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