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Journeyman III

Driver Timed out, on a regular basis

Good Afternoon everyone,

I experience driver Timeouts on a regular for round about 3 Mounths now, with the 7900XTX and I was wondering if Anyone got any solutions or work arounds.

The Drivers Time out on any Demanding game without any real consistency, could take 2 hours to crash could take 10 mins. Even though it seems to be particularly bad on
Arma 3 where they often crash instantly until i cleanly reinstall the AMD Drivers. 

I tryed installing the newest drivers as well as older versions, I also tryed installling just the driver without the Adrenalin features which seem to make the system run a bit more stable. I am starting to worry that it could be a hardware sited problem.

Full Specs:

Gigabyte X670 AX Motherboard (BIOS ver. F9a)
Ryzen 7 7800X3D (No overclock or undervolt applied)
Saphire Nitro RX 7900XTX (No overclock or undervolt applied)
Kingston DDR 5 5600 mhz
Asus ROG 850 Watts Gold
1. Asus Tuf 144Hz Monitor; 1. 60Hz Philips Monitor (Pretty old)

Hope i am not the only one with this Problem and thx in advance.

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Update  your BIOS to latest version first off

Make sure you have the latest AM5 chipset drivers installed from

Make sure the firmware on your SSD's are up to date

Run the program called DDU .. remove all past present GPU drivers on this install of Windows .. reboot .. and THEN install latest drivers from

Make sure you are running separate power cables from your PSU to each power input on your GPU

For what it's worth . .the only time I've encountered driver timeouts was due to the power supply .. I replaced it with a better quality/beefier one and no more driver timeouts .. 

ThreeDee PC specs

Hey first of all thanks for your answer,

the seperate power cable solution seems to work so far, atleast i managed to run arma and yet it didn`t crash where it you usually did.  But i still have to do some texting

Journeyman III


I had the same issues with new PC for weeks, i fixed it by just turning off the "Instant Replay" in Adrenaline software,
You should try!

Journeyman III

and do you have similar specs ? cause just plugging in another cable unfortanately didnt fix it, im just wondering if i should get a bigg PSU