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Adept II

Driver Issues for HTPC users

When are AMD going to sort out the following issues for HTPC users with GFX drivers as detailed here in driver thread.

Known limitations of Radeon RX 5000 and 6000 GPUs (older generations are fine):
• Hardware deinterlacing is broken in every driver version -> It is poor quality when applied to
interlaced video and it is not adaptive anymore, which is a NO-GO for HTPC usage.
You can check this issue yourself: Download this short MBAFF sample file
The Hardware Deinterlacer should be aware that the characters above "WWW.D88.COM" are
progressive and should not be deinterlaced, otherwise you will see flickering like in this picture
See here for more details
• Color levels (full 0-255 vs. limited 16-235) are broken. That means limited 16-235 which is the
standard range for videos are interpreted as 0-255 and this leads to elevated blacks and dimm
This issue can be best seen on displays which want full range 0-255, like TVs in PC Mode (PC
mode for full 4:4:4/RGB support, so you do not use color subsampling like 4:2:2 or 4:2:0)
Also overriding the range for test purposes in MPC-BE (video tab -> Output range) does not
take effect.

Once over ATI was a leader in video playback. What happened ?

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If you want to report a issue to AMD driver support...use the form. This forum is not monitored by them...only users here.

The reporting of a issue does not start a two way collaboration with the engineers...don't expect a reply. When they receive several reports of the same issue it gets their encourage anyone with this issue to report it.


Never mind - has already been discussed before.