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Journeyman III

Driver issue that causes pc to be slow, laggy and choppy on startup that can be fixed by restarting?

cpu 7600x
gpu 6700xt
32 gig 5600mz ddr5

Title says all, 10% of the times that i start up my pc it will be VERY SLOW. all is fine on the desktop, my mouse is moving at 165hz but as soon as i open a program suddenly my pc feels like its running at 10 fps. everything is laggy, moving a window around is choppy, typing letters will have half a second delay etc...

the only way to fix this is by restarting and hoping that it doesnt happen this time

i checked task manager and the usage is just fine 10% cpu and 2% gpu.

i did however just discover something new, i wanted to see if i could record what was happening so i opened obs but when i did that my screen went black for a second and then when it got back to me all of the issues were fixed without restarting, i then got a notification prompt saying radeon wattman had been restored to original settings?

does anyone know what this is and how i can prevent this issue from occurring?

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