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Journeyman III

Downloads AMD Software: PRO Edition every time I try to download AMD Radeon

My issue is that everytime I try to download AMD Radeon from the drivers it downloads the Pro Edition. I'm trying to change my main GPU from compute to graphics and I can't find a way to do that through the pro edition. I have attempted to download the drivers many time and yet it still always downloads the adrenaline edition. When I click auto-detect and install it still downloads the adrenaline edition, when I click AMD Software: PRO Edition it downloads the pro edition. 

I have the AMD Radeon RX 6600


My Cpu is the AMD Ryzen 5 4600G with Radeon Graphics

Any help is appreciated,


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I don't understand why it downloads the Pro version and not the Adrenaline version since the only drivers for your GPU card is Adrenaline. There are no Pro version available to download.

Which version of Windows are you using? Enterprise or Server type Windows?  Windows 10/11?

I would use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove all traces of the AMD current driver and also delete the AMD Installation folder located at C:\AMD which might corrupt your new installation.

Make sure the Internet is disconnected or you have Windows Update driver disabled. Run DDU and then install the full AMD Adrenaline package that you downloaded from AMD Download page:

For the RX 6600 GPU Card (23.12.1) :

BUT for your AMD APU it has a older last AMD Driver version to download (23.11.1):

I would first install the APU Driver version 23.11.1 to see if it install the correct driver version you want. If it does then try installing the RX 6600 AMD driver 23.12.1.

Not sure if the latest RX6600 AMD driver is compatible with your 4600G IGPU or not.

See if it still installs the "Pro" version and not the Adrenaline version.