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Adept II

Dolby Atmos not working with AMD HD Audio Drivers

Dolby Atmos Home Theater through HDMI has not been working through the AMD HD audio drivers for at least a year now. Atmos works fine with Nvidia and Intel GPUs.

I've submitted multiple bug reports over the past year now and haven't seen this listed anywhere. There's tons of threads with 6000 and 7000 series GPUs reporting this issue but no responses. Some report that their Atmos stopped working with a driver update in early 2021.


I have removed and re-installed all AMD drivers, and then completely re-installed Windows but no change. I have also tried older drivers but was still unable to get it working.

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Not true about NVidia. I have been reading/seeing a continuing thread about atmos issues on nvidia forum for years. Funny enough that thread say it works great on AMD. I think it's just a troubled technology and complicated setup that you must lucky if it works at all.


I can plug it in with a 3060 Ti right now and it works immediately.


The "troubled technology" is the actual AMD HD Audio Driver and that isn't an "alternative fact".   Swapped my Nvidia in and it worked like a charm so I ditto the OP.  Also why would you post on heresay and state it as "Not true"

Adept I

I have the exact same problem with the 6750xt.  I have uninstalled and factory reset everything, tried every sequence of power or connection configuration.  I also tried to enable DTS and get an error trying to enable it.

I then installed my reliable GTX 970 and the first time I turn it on without even loading Nvidias drivers I can enable DTS X and ATMOS interchangeably and have zero issues changing my spatial sounds.


TV Issue = Nope

Soundbar issue = Nope

PC Issue = Nope

Video Card issue = YEP

Yep. This is definitely an AMD issue. Every non-AMD GPU system I've tested has worked without any issues. I've still been submitting bug reports and can't get a response or any acknowledgement on their bug reports.

Adept II

I've also had the opportunity to test with a 6750 XT and 4070 in new computers that I built for friends in the past 2 months. 4070 worked without issue. 6750 doesn't work at all.


I am having no luck with Atmos JAN 2024

It's been working on my XTX issue free for a few months now. 


I have an rx 5700xt and the latest radeon driver.

No atmos or dtsx sound. I had an rtx3060ti. I changed back just for try but not working either.