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Journeyman III

Does AMD really stop supporting DirectX9 games?

here's the story:

i've been trying to installed and play The Sims 2 (really old game, yes! but not that old) 

And the game just cannot start, i've double click the icon and nothing happen

Task manager said not responding

So after many threads, many solution on Leefish, youtube..etc..

The game just: "leave me alone"

So i when to reddit and there's threads said that AMD lack of support for directx9, and then im rolled back the Crimson Driver ( 

And the miracle just happened, the sims 2 start, load into the game, i've played for 2 hours nothing buggy or glitchy

Is really that newer version of AMD driver has remove directx9 and focus on vulkan? 

Is there anyway to make the game work on new driver? 

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