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Adept I

Do you think drivers will be stable soon?

Hey guys, I currently own a 5700 xt nitro´+ with a rizen 5 3600, and a b450 mobo. I have had many issues in the past month with bsod and crashes, after many trials to fix it(bios updates, chipsets updates, lowering ram freq, trying different gpu drivers versions, trying different vbios of my gpu) I feel my pc almost stable since sometimes I have days without crashing and suddenly the problem comebacks.

Today I thought about rma my gpu and change it for a 2070 super(which means some $$$ and maybe some weeks since I purchased my card from a store from another city), but I am not sure if I should do it, since I've seen how much it changes from one gpu drivers version to another and I still have hope that it will stabilize

What do you guys think?

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Even if I use set Priority for the GUI to  to low and force it to run on 1 thread it it is reporting constant 6.6% Processor Use.
When I do that, changing GUI Tabs is very slow to respond.

Are you on Windows 10 1909 or 2004?

How many GPUs have you installed?
I am running an RX5700XT I am testing in Primary PCIe Port a Pair of RX Vegas and an R9390X. 

I will check to see what happens if i only run the RX5700XT next.


2700X ,ASUS STRIX RX5700XT OC  and am still on W10 1909 and 20.7.2 drivers.

And have used AMD exclusively for 20 years with pretty much 0 driver/Hardware issues.

Crossfire up until a year and a half ago when I built a new system.

The last time I tried an Nvidia, it lasted 30 mins and fried.


I do not believe you.

You either have a very low threshold of the definition of "Works" or a very high threshold of what you see as a "Problem".

You must be the only person on Earth who has managed to run an AMD DX11 Crossfire or DX12 MultiGPU setup and have "0 problems" - even on fully supported games.

DX11 Crossfire was especially infamous for problems, even with supported Games.

It often required many driver updates before games would even run properly without texture flashing, stuttering  and show positive scaling.

I know because I was involved in testing it and getting it fixed on some games.
Other games that were supposed to support DX11 CrossFire were simply abandoned.

Forgetting DX11/DX12 MultiGPU for a moment.

20 years and no problems.

So you never ever hit a single AMD Driver Problem in all of that time?

Not 1 issue that has been noted by AMD on their release notes?


Or maybe he knows how to set hardware and software up correctly.  Almost every time somebody has asked me to repair their computer, there's nothing wrong with it and somebody has done something monumentally stupid.


People who come on here and ask for help get necessary advice to set up their system and what checks to run and still problems are confirmed on RX5700XT drivers and cards.

Putting this years problems with AMD cards and drivers, especially on Adrenalin 2020 and RX5700XT Navi 10 down to "User Error" is simply not true.

Telling everyone it is just down to "User Error" is just AMD Fanboys telling lies.

I've never been a fanboy of anything (that would be very illogical), I'm just telling you my experience.  And no problem has ever been attributed to AMD drivers or hardware.


Crossfire 3850.3870,4850,4870, 5850,5870,6950 "dirt 3's",7950 and then 7970 crossfire until march last year when I sold that system with a 990fx Sabertooth V3 and a 8350 Piledriver,

AMD 4400,then most Phenoms,940 up to 1100t,FX8350 and then Ryzen 2600X and now a 2700X.

Played competitive BF1942,BFBC2,BF3 and BF4.Then I got old.

And you can believe what you want.I am on here trying to help.At almost 60 I have no reason or care to BS anyone.It is what it is.

Adept II

To be fair I don't think the AMD support teams even read the tickets you create for them.

I've had raised 5 cases already and not even an e-mail.
It's quite sad that AMD doesn't give a crap about their customers.

better to don't buy amd gpu! I did this mistake, you guys don't have to.


Im stable with 19.7.5 no crashes, no black screens, but performance is lower and many new games don't work with this driver. On drivers with wddm 2.7 (20.5.1 and newer), in addition to crashes, there is also a broken freesync