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Adept I

Do you think drivers will be stable soon?

Hey guys, I currently own a 5700 xt nitro´+ with a rizen 5 3600, and a b450 mobo. I have had many issues in the past month with bsod and crashes, after many trials to fix it(bios updates, chipsets updates, lowering ram freq, trying different gpu drivers versions, trying different vbios of my gpu) I feel my pc almost stable since sometimes I have days without crashing and suddenly the problem comebacks.

Today I thought about rma my gpu and change it for a 2070 super(which means some $$$ and maybe some weeks since I purchased my card from a store from another city), but I am not sure if I should do it, since I've seen how much it changes from one gpu drivers version to another and I still have hope that it will stabilize

What do you guys think?

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Adept II

why would he try and enterprise driver? 

To the OP all i can say is this, i got my 5700 xt reference in dec 2019 and it has been a rollercoaster of "yes things are fixed" to "well they have broken their crap again"  and now with the latest 20.7.1 and 20.7.2 drivers my vram speed has gone back to running between 1000-1250mhz only occasionally boosting to 1750mhz, no matter what load is. So no, i don't think AMD has it in them to actually ever reach the driver level quality of nvidia. Whatever the secret sauce is for being able to develop and release consistent high quality GPU drivers AMD does not have that.

If it doesn't hurt financially i would recommend switching back to nvidia, they maybe complete corporate garbage, but at least their drivers works consistently. And when big navi does finally launch AMD will be spending less time and resources on 5xxx series. Because they are going to need to make sure big navi looks and works as expected. 

Adept I

Hey man, thanks for your reply, I actually sent my card back yesterday and todays is going to be checked. Seems like I will be switching to the green side.

Need your system details and need to know what PSU you have.
Assuming you have run DRAM stability checks and you are not overclocking CPU or DRAM and PSU is good enough.
Then enough is enough.
Send the GPU back to the seller.
Get a refund.

Buy something that works.

Adept I

Also, I got AMD with its crooked drivers - either the profile does not hold, then something else. 580 will be the last card from amd for me.

Adept II

How do you know it's the graphics card or driver that's faulty?  BSOD is usually faulty system RAM, download Memtest and check it.  I've used AMD graphics cards all my life and have never had a crash attributed to one.

Adept II

Look after the the release of the 5700 series i was very happy i would be able to upgrade from my 1060 and not give my money to nvidia again. So i waited and watched the release, and when i could i bought my 5700 xt reference and it was rough at first, so many games would black screen or run poorly. But i stuck it out and starting with the first 20xxx series of drivers things started to really turn around. But since January in has be up and down with their drivers quality. I am not a AMD or nvidia fanboy i am what works best fanboy. Just like i ditched my i3 6100 for my 1500x and a year later i upgraded to my 2600, and will be going to a 3600 when i can. And if AMD can't get their drivers under control, then when its feasible i will have to suck it up and go back to nvidia. 


So are the drivers rubbish for some cards and not others?  I thought it was all the same driver.


The AMD driver installer and drivers themselves have been on a downhill path compared to Nvidia since 17.7.2. Driver Pre Vega launch.
Windows 8.1 support just dropped on everything.
Cards like HD7970 (Drivers would not even install for me for ~ 1 year and I even ripped the GPU apart only to find it was an installer issue in the first place).
R9 390X (No Fan Control at all to this day).
R9 Fury X - HBM overclocking disabled deliberatley pre Vega 56/64 launch. Blackscreening and Audio Buzz. No driver optimation at all to the extent they now perform woese than an RX580 4GB in some games.
Vega 56/64 Blackscreening and Audio Buzz, Relive Broken, many issues with Wattman. To be fair I did file reports on many issues for Vega and most are currently fixed.
RX590 cannot complete Blender testcases.
RX5700XT stability, blackscreening etc. RX5700XT cannot complete Blender Testcases. No support in ROCm for RX5700XT yet.
Linux support is bad. STILL NO AMD GUI/UI in Ubuntu. 
Installer issues still persist - DDU still needed and you still need to disconnect from the internet.
Adrenalin 2020 20.7.2 will not install for me on Windows 10 19.09 build with latest updates.
Adrenalin 2020 DX11 Crossfire and DX12 MultiGPU completely dropped and not working properly at all. 
FRTC dropped.
Chill broken to this day.

Chill Hotkeys broken.
The Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 GUI UI was one place where AMD were doing really well and then they canned it for Adrenalin 2020 nightmare.

That is just a quick list off the top of my head.

Oh yeah - Enhanced Sync has never worked for me on anything.
Turn it off.

Well said and to add to that list relive and other recording fearutres haven't worked since 20.5.1 for me.

For some more context, I have been gaming with a group of friends since the 90's and out of the 10 of us that still play regularly two of us have 5700 xt's guess which two are the only ones with issues when play together. Up to april i was holding the faith but my faith has run out, that AMD with ever truly get their driver dev to consistent quality level.


Nvidia's drivers might work, but their cards don't.  First one I bought overheated within 20 minutes.  No thermal cutout, nasty burning smell, melted plastic, straight back to the shop and replaced it with an AMD.


No idea why you have all those problems.  I always use the latest Windows with the latest updates, and the latest Radeon software.  I use MSI Afterburner for fan control.  Never ever had a single crash.  Maybe you should stop using Windows 8!  That's the old one!


Yes sure. "User Error obviously". Usual damn excuse. 
I just used Nvidia cards for Windows 8,1 they still supoorted the OS they promised to on the GPU BOX, specification, and online web page. 
I use Windows 10 Pro and Linux.


They work for me, I've used about 500 AMD GPUs in all sorts of PCs from Windows 95 through to Windows 10.  Never had a single problem.  So you are doing something wrong.  If I can make them work and you can't, you are the problem, not AMD.  A bad workman blames his tools.


You really are being stupid.
All of the issues I mentioned have been tested, reported, confirmed by others and even in AMD Bug lists.
Glad you never had a problem with AMD GPU. Well done.


What it means is the bugs are few and far between or I would have had one.
If BFV is the game Battlefield 5, then no I don't have it.


You must not test much then.


Played plenty games and done plenty GPU computing.  Built hundreds of games machines for people, almost all AMD, and not had a single complaint.

Do you have a copy of BFV?
RX Vega 64 Liquid:
Cannot even render this screen properly in BFV and has been broken for years.
I guess that is not AMD fault either?


They are stable


Indeed, and have been for me since 1995.  Not sure what these people are doing wrong, but it ain't AMD's fault.


Do you think I'm lying?  It's a fact that zero AMD graphics cards have failed for me in 25 years.  All 500 of them.


What's the temperature in Moscow today?


15-26C.  But I don't live in Moscow.

If that is some kind of expression to poke fun, it didn't work, Google can't find what it means.  Did you just make it up?


So you've used AMD cards for 25 years and have owned 500 of them. But you've only been a AMD member for a week? Hmm. Kinda like Earndhardt with his playing 50 games in 2 months and having 0 problems.

OK,Playing 50 Games all the way through,nope,never said that,I have DL'd a bunch through UPlay and Epic lately when they are free,plus a lot I reinstalled from my collection,But I have played Probably,lets say 10 all the way through lately,all the others I tried off and on for maybe an hour each with no crashes or issues whatsoever.

So You guys can Hate all you want,But the truth is,Not everyone has issues no matter what platform they are on.


What on earth makes you think I'd join this community as soon as I started using AMD?  Not everyone lives on forums.

Journeyman III

turn off windows fast start up and youre good, affects AMD drivers.

Journeyman III

Worst Gpu I ever bought in all honesty , Amd rushed this 5700  ser. faster than light .

I know 1 thing now never buy new amd card I really mean it and the reviews are really bad nobody talk about this issue , I believe it's hardware issue not driver there never master gpu like nvidia , even nvidia admit their fault sometimes and they try immediately to fix it unlike amd  . look it's been 1 year with no fix and still amd releasing new  cpu and mini gpu , that show you they don't care about it. Amd you should know better respect your customers not with words but with actions , you lost my trust .


I went off Nvidia when a brand new card I bought literally melted.  No thermal protection at all.  And I never went back to them because every time I look up specs of new cards, AMD always gives more power for your money.


RE: I went off Nvidia when a brand new card I bought literally melted.

Really.. Which card.

Is this the EVGA meme?


What do you mean with respect to EVGA?  Are you calling me an EVGA worker?  Are you suggesting anything made by EVGA is s hit?  If you're going to use geeky words you'll need to explain yourself better.


I mean there was an example where an EVGA GTX1080 card, incorrectly connected to a PC (no PSU PCIe Power Cables Connected), had a failure and supposedly the "VRM went on fire". That is the meme.

EVGA introduced ICX Technology in response EVGA - Intelligent Innovation - EVGA iCX Technology 
They now have ICX2: EVGA - Technology - iCX2 

So in fact, if you are really worried about your "GPU melting" today, an EVGA Nvidia Turing GPU with ICX2 is your safest bet.
Those cards have multiple thermistors across the pcb to monitor temperatures.

An Nvidia RTX2080 Total Graphics Card Power (on TSMC 12nm), including the AI and RT Cores is much lower than what an RX5700XT GPU needs on 7nm. It runs cooler for the same performance.

I do not expect RDNA2 claimed 50% Perf/Watt to be enough to catch up to an RTX2080TI on 12nm either.


It might have been EVGA, I can't remember, and it was around the era of the 1080.  But I had the power connected correctly.  What overheated was the GPU core itself.  It was in a case without enough cooling, and instead of throttling the GPU when playing a game, it just carried on regardless until the core overheated, melting the plastic shroud on the heatsink.  The card would not boot after that and was returned angrily.


I have an expensive Sapphire HD7970 OC 6GB Vapor-X that overheated after an AMD Driver update.
I managed to repair it with Solder Reflow on the GPU, new thermal paste and new thermal pads for the VRAM.
That doesn't mean that all AMD GPUs and Drivers are always bad.

You seem to have written off Nvidia GPUs because of one problem on one card.


I'm not avoiding them, just taking them with a pinch of salt, just like I would prefer not to buy Renault cars because they have so many design flaws, I've had many engine failures with them in the past.  But I'm currently driving one, because it was sold at the same price as other cars which were slower, smaller, and higher mileage.

I usually compare price and power (for cars, graphics cards, everything).  And I've never seen a Nvidia outperform an AMD for the same price (although markets in different countries seem to differ widely on price).


I just managed to install Adrenalin 2020 20.7.2. GUI/UI and Driver on Windows 10 64bit Pro. 
Previously I have been using Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 + 2020 20.7.2 Drivers, game performance is OK.

I have been benchmarking Gears 5 performance at 4K Ultra on a RX5700XT versus RX Vega 64 Liquid because of complaints about the RX5700XT Performance with the latest drivers. . 

Can someone please tell me why the Adrenalin 2020 20.7.2 Software is taking so much CPU Utilization? 13% on a Ryzen 7 2700X 8 Core 16 Thread Processor?


I am not recording anything!

I have no performance logging or overlay running.
What is going on?
Why is there so much performance Overhead just to run a Driver GUI/UI?


no issue.jpg