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Adept III

Display Port No Audio

21.3.2 doesnt have audio on the display port. Why is that? Can I do something to it. Two of my pc have this problem. One with 580 and 590

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What does Windows Sound Panel show?

Does Device Manager have any errors showing?

Does the DP Audio work with a previous AMD Driver?


1. it shows the display port. I select it and nothing comes out.

2. No errors

3. yes it use to work


If the DP Audio works with the previous AMD Driver reinstall that driver and let AMD SUPPORT about the audio issue on your GPU Card.

Does the GPU DP Port Audio work now after re-installing the previous working AMD Driver?


this is the third time I've installed the driver. Last night I got tire of the problem and I did the entire os. I'm done with this so I'm not gonna use display port for audio anymore. I got a roland interface.


You haven't exactly been very clear about what you have or haven't done to resolve the audio issue. So I am just suggesting things that you haven't mentioned or posted in your previous replies.

Since you have a RX580, I do know that on a MSI and possibly other Manufacturer's motherboards the BIOS was updated to fix the RX580 Audio problem.

Also I do recalled that AMD Release notes mentioned something about also fixing the Audio issue on the 500 series GPU cards.

So if none of that worked either you GPU Port is defective or the GPU Card itself is defective. 

Does audio work if you connect it to the HDMI port?  You haven't mentioned if you have tried this option yet.


hello, I have the same problem, the audio works with HDMI connected, but I am forced to use DP because my second monitor has only HDMI port, GPU has only 1 HDMI port

do you have something to solve our (me and 0v3rkill guy) problem?