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Adept I

Display driver amduw23g stopped responding and has successfully recovered. 7950X3D 7900xtx

Hi, I have the following components on my new computer and would like some help with a few problems that are likely to be related to each other. I have the integrated graphics from the CPU turned off via BIOS. This is a frequent crash of the amduw23g graphics driver which has failed but according to event viewer it is said to have been restored but due to it failing my game has crashed and it is very frustrating. It is manifested by the game freezing, then the screen goes black and the game crashes (It doesn't matter what game it is, GTA V with FiveM mod, Kingdomcome or CS2). It happens about 1x per hour, sometimes 30 mins, sometimes 2 hour...

- I read on the Internet that I should try an older version of the graphics driver, but it was even worse and the crashes came after a few minutes, with the fact that when I checked the logs, it was an outdated driver (I used Adrenalin 23.12. 1),

- I also tried AMD Pro, where I had the Q1 version, but it didn't end there either. I used AMD Cleanup every time, everything was turned off in AMD Adrenaline (Reddit advised to turn off Radeon Freesync ect.). 

- I checked my BIOS and in Advanced > OC > "DRAM Frequency" is seted on Auto.Under is grayed "Adjusted DRAM Frequency" and right of him is 4800MHz. 

- I turned off "ENABLEULPS" and "ENABLEULPS_NA" too.


I'm already desperate and for a computer that cost 2000$. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks a lot.

List of components:

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor
Kingston KC3000 2TB
Corsair 64GB KIT DDR5 6600MHz CL32 Vengeance Black
Corsair hx1000

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Journeyman III

This is the same thing that has been happening to me nonstop for months now.


I have literally tried everything to do with any event viewer troubleshoot based off any near sounding google search.


7900xtx Gpu too.


Anyone got a fix soon? Any ideas what to do?

Journeyman III

Same issue for months now.


Been running ok (by AMD driver standards at least) for 10 months prior. Now I can play 30 mins at a time in Warframe if i'm lucky.







All water-cooled.


Tried EVERYTHING Google had to offer for solutions.


messing around in the registry

No OC, OC, UV etc.

Limiting Mhz on the card

Reinstalling drivers (DDU)

Reinstalling windows

CMOS and MOBO bios

Disabling gamebar, overlays, discord, etc., etc., etc.

And more..  But in any case, I should not have to do anything. It should just work at standard unless I f it up myself.




**bleep** is going on? I have given up by now and a looking into getting a refund when I'm away for vacation next month anyway.

Adept II

Welcome to the club of unfortunate Radeon owners. I had zero problems with my 6900 XT from november 2022 until february 2024. I had disabled driver updates in Windows Update and locked in old Adrenalin 22.11.2 from december 2022. No issues in any games. In February 2024, Windows made an update that reset Windows Update and enabled driver updates. Immediately, Windows started replacing the AMD drivers with 23 versions that I did not want. This caused freezes and I had to roll back the drivers manually many times. After several weeks of that there were more Windows updates plus AMD driver version 24. I started getting black screens on startup. First, hard shutdowns and restarts would cure them, but in late April the black screens became incurable. No amount of rolling back or clean installs of anything could cure it. Only removing the AMD drivers would give me a picture on my AMD card. The solution was to get a card from a different manufacturer, which works flawlessly.


It seems like they definitely broke something towards the end of the 23 series drivers.

AMD what's going on? Why is 7000XTs so **bleep** unstable????

Who am I kidding, they're just going to Bury their heads in the sand and hope all the issues just go away....pitiful.

The 6900 XT is my first Radeon in a number of years. I needed a new card near Christmas 2022 when there was a severe shortage so I got the best speced card that wasn't costing ridiculous amounts of money. Therefore, I am new to this driver circus. It's very sad because the card itself is really good; most games ran fine on max settings. It's just the drivers letting it down. To solve my blackcreen issues I had to get a competitor card. It's not much better in terms of performance but it actually works and you don't have to fear updates.

Journeyman III

Exactly like everybody else. Tried everything already listed in this thread and still not working. I crash in destiny 2 and overwatch 2 after 30min. Please AMD i payed to much to be dealing with this.

gpu: xfx rx7900xtx merc 310

Adept I

I have the same issue. It started 2-3 weeks ago and I don't know why.

My specs:

Sapphire RX 6650 XT
Ryzen 5 1600
Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4 2666 MHz Ram
MSI A650BN Psu
Gigabyte B450M S2H