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Journeyman III

constant driver crashes rx 7900xt

Hi, I have issues with my RX 7900XT.

I have the Sapphire RX 7900 XT Vapor-X OC, on a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Extreme and a ryzen 9 3900x.

I am using a be Quiet straight power 11 platinum with 650W ( I thought I had the 850W version and am currently looking to buy a bigger unit, but I doubt that the psu causes the issues)

I had a few issues with some game crashes, but nothing that happened consistently and no power loss or random shutdowns, that would indicate the too small psu.

This week i changed my display to a 3440*1440 144hz Freesync display and now the amd driver application crashes constantly...

On the desktop, in the browser, while gaming.

The only thing that has helped was to uninstall everything AMD with DDU and choose the "drivers only" install when reinstalling AMD adrenaline.

Since then I could play BG3 with no issues.

What is going on?

Is my card faulty?

Should I RMA the card before it is too late?

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