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Journeyman III

Computer freezes and drivers crash/uninstall

I've had a problem with my AMD drivers for a few weeks now, I've had this computer for a few years but only recently it has started acting up. When I play a demanding game like fortnite, sometimes my screens just go black and my computer freezes. Sometimes all my sound just goes away aswell. I have to reboot to be able to do anything again, 

When i turn my pc back on my 144Hz monitor is suddenly at 60Hz and my second monitor doesn't even light up, windows cant find the second monitor at all, UNTIL I download AMD drivers all over again. Seems like my drivers get removed or installed when this happens? It's starting to really get on my nerves and im probably never buying an AMD product again. Is there any way to solve this? Since it's never been a problem before im suspecting its one of the newer updates thats causing these issues.

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You should list your hardware and preferably also software running when prolems occur.

When computer crashes and you restart Windows, check Device Manager to see if GPU drivers are installed. If everything looks ok, restart the machine again to see if it helps.

Perhaps your computer is breaking up or software installation is corrupted. Do a clean installation of Windows, drivers and software.


Thank you for writing, I managed to fix it, apparently fortnite has known issues with some of the more recent drivers added from AMD. So ever since I downloaded an older driver it has been working flawlessly.


hi @ascelion  how can i download a old driver of AMD, i got exatly the same issue