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Adept I

Compute Mode Problem on RX 560 !

Hi Folks,

I got Problems with my Sapphrie rx 560 , Windows 10 April Update and Compute Mode ( the Problem occours on all Win 10 Versions and all AMD Drivers ) because the Compute Mode simply will not stick with the Card ! I have to reboot my System 5-20 Times and maybe if i have luck, finally it Works.

is there a fix or you guys can maybe fix this Problem in your future Drivers ?! It is rly annyoing.

Even the Blockchain Beta drivers or changing the registry LargePage ( what you set to dword 2 ) setting wont fix it.

When the Compute Mode is working, iam getting about 360 hashes on Monero and 12,5 MH on Ethereum Mining. Since the Compute Mode are dont work i only get about 290 hashes on Monero and 9,0 MH on Ethereum. It is rly frustrating to reboot your Maschine 15-20 Times and hope it finally works !

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