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Journeyman III

compatibility checker offline or internet connection is unavailable

after update amd driver 18.12.2

radeon setting always give me this notif
how to solve it?

ryzen5 2400g

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Adept II

I´m having the same issue

Me too.

Also getting weird issues where screen goes black, like the HDMI connection drops out.  Can still hear YouTube video running in the background.  Only way to fix is with a reboot.

My black screen issue might have something to do with Freesync.  I turned it off and screen went black.  Had to reboot.  Going to leave it off and see what happens.  This issue is probably unrelated to the OP.

I have the same issue, but I do not have a Freesync monitor.

Journeyman III

Hello, I have the same issue. I suspect some problems with access through the firewall, but I haven't managed yet to solve it !

Adept I

I am also having the same issue.  I am in the U.S.

Adept II

same with me in asia

after update to adernaline 2019 driver

Journeyman III

Same here .

Adept II

I might as well say its the same issue with everyone. It started 'scanning' my games for compatibility but never got past that point. Whats with AMD always releasing features that don't work? We saw the same thing with AMD Link not working for lots of people and it took them far too long to fix it. This is disappointing.

Honestly I think they are more interested in selling a feature set to OEMs, Dell , HP, etc.....   It is pretty obvious that gamers ( that's not saying their products can't work good once tweaked) are not a priority for them anymore. Many hardware sites have said this and even sited interviews where AMD have made comments about only mainstream users and oem's being a focus for them. I personally think their attitude and lack of top tier competitive hardware is a huge mistake. I think those flagship items, even though the don't sell in large numbers have a tremendous trickle down affect that AMD doesn't take into account. It is what great makes or breaks your reputation. I don't think AMD gets (or maybe the do now? the head marketing guy announced retirement) how crippling this last year has been to their gaming base and reputation. I went what had to be close to 20 years with all AMD products. A year back I purchased a new RX 580 which turned out to be a nightmare to get working and that brought me here. Since then I have been trying to help others have an easier time getting there AMD products working. The truth is though that I never needed a site like this before the products just worked out of the box. As they should. AMD should be focusing on bringing their stability and working features back to that level of quality. Nobody needs new features before stability in base functions or even before making last years fluff work on all products and OS's it's supposed to.

Journeyman III

compatibility checker offline or internet connection is unavailable

I´m having the same issue

Journeyman III

Same here. Nice work!

If the notice bothers you...turn off "show upgrade advisor". It's a bug which I am sure will be fixed with the next update. Every new iteration of the original "CCC" has it's issues on the first day. Always. Even before 'Crimson' when new features were introduced (and some taken away) there were birthing pains. All were fixed. This is not a critical update. If you installed it for the new goodies, send a report to AMD, revert back to the previous driver, and wait for the upcoming patch. 

18.12.2 network traffic

I agree that I have seen throughout the years that with new interfaces there have been bugs with buttons not linking correctly to the core functions in the drivers. I however don't remember before Wattman was introduced ever seeing the wide spread stability issues that litterally require people to use non-default settings for the cards to work. Used to be that deviating form defaults is what caused issues.


I find that adding new features encourages experimentation. Which is not always a good thing with graphics cards. Remember that only the problems are posted here...never the thousands who are happy and have no issues because they don't tinker with all the new choices. My advice to AMD would be ....KISS.

I have always been a preacher of leaving things vanilla for fewer headaches and it has served me well over the years. Exactly why I never needed to even use these forums until a year ago. I just thank you, for giving me the information that initially got me stable. I was ready to return my RX 580.

Journeyman III

i have a same problems with this...i thinks this is a bug for the update.

Adept I

I'm having the same problem plus it keeps telling me to download the the 18.12.2 after i installed it and rebooted is this a bug or something ?

ray_m Employee (to colesdav) 4 hours ago

18.12.2 is a WHQL recommended driver,

18.12.3 is an optional driver.

The WHQL driver will always be the recommended driver, even though it may be older than the current optional driver.

really so i dont got to download the same driver again once i installed even though it tells me to update it ?


It is ridiculous IMHO that it recommended to me too to update to .3 but as soon as it is loaded it recommends to load .2. Obviously you chose to go to the newer beta so no it should not IMHO recommend you to go back. Sounds like nothing but a confusing chicken vs egg situation to me.


They could solve this with a simple check box in preferences to not recommend drivers older than what you have loaded even if they are WHQL.


It's always been that way....if you have a older Legacy card, and install the last beta will be nagged to install the 15.7.1 (WHQL). Some kind of choice about notifications (show/no show) would be helpful. The option in Wattman about turning off notifications doesn't seem to work.

I have seen versions where it does not recommend the older versions.Yes it is something that has been ongoing for a long time.  It is something that seems to go back in forth in releases. Just seems like something they should address. A novice would think they are supposed to keep changing drivers and I can see the frustration in that. Now when I say go back and forth, it could be I am basing that on where AMD is putting the drivers on the download page. It seems that sometimes the drivers in the optional spot are WHQL drivers but they have not made them the recommended driver yet. Just another point of confusion for all.


What do the 18.12.2 drivers say? What was it's recommended driver?


They recommend the 18.12.3, that's how I even knew it was out.

Same here.

Adept I

I get the same message in notifications

AND my machine restarts itself after the 18.2.3 update installed. The message Radeon drivers was restored to default appears then within one minute my screen goes black and my machine reboots......

So I reverted back to Release driver 18.2.2

Adept I

I re-seated my card and haven't had the message "Radeon settings returned to default" so far. Will keep you posted. I formatted my machine twice in two days Nor am I getting a constant reminder for an update I already have installed