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Journeyman III

Cannot install any driver version other than Oct 6 2017 drivers


Sorry if this does not go here, I am new to the forums. I have had this issue since November 2017, where I was unable to install November drivers.

System info:

  • 16GB RAM
  • 1080p Display
  • MSI H110M Pro VD Plus Motherboard
  • MSI Gaming X RX 480 8GB
  • Intel i5 6600 non k

The problem: Updating GPU drivers makes Windows switch to "Microsoft Basic Display Driver" and my notifications is filled with "Display driver failed to start".[1].png

What I have tried:

  • Using DDU and clean installing latest drivers
  • Using AMD cleanup utility and installing latest drivers
  • Letting AMD Control panel update my drivers
  • Repairing windows with install media, DISM, sfc scannow. ccleaner registry fix
  • Referred to this article and tried all solutions Troubleshooting Common AMD Graphics Driver Installation Problems
  • Asked MSI for support but all they said was "your GPU may have problem" which doesn't make sense. my GPU works perfectly fine on the Oct 6 drivers.
  • Updated Management engine drivers, bios, everything system related.

I'm trying to find a way to install the latest drivers without a reinstall of Windows, as I have too much on this PC to reinstall.

Upon using Windows to update drivers from Device Manager, it fixes the issue by reverting to an older driver. If I let Windows fix the issue, my AMD Control Panel refuses to launch. The only way to get my display drivers to work along with AMD control panel is to install an Oct 6 driver I have in my downloads folder.

Any solutions or help would be great, I can provide any logs or info if needed. Thank you.

Edit: Used cleanup utility, disabled every process of my antivirus, restarted and installed. Driver installed fine, leaving this edit here for reference.

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