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Adept III

Can someone explain the reason behind minimum clock 500


this one really puzzles me - I know we should be environmental - safe engergy and all that but this is a gfx card meant for gaming. If you settle with default settings on your card it can go from 500 mhz to whatever max you card have. Should be fine but in gaming you are hurt bigtime in fps. Lets take bf 2042 - I use chill and set it for 120 fps not very high - in game I see clocks range from 1600 mhz to 2300 mhz and fps drops to 80 or so - I have 6900 xt card along 3800 x cpu.

So what I do is go to custom raise min clock to 2100 and leave max at whatever it is - raise power and mem timings fast / clock 2100 and apply. Now I have 120 fps steady in this game.

Why on earth did AMD implement such - why buy expensive card if we just throttle it down ?? Here AMD can do way better - in windows yes set at 500 or very low if needed - but demanding AAA game you give it full throttle !!

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