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Journeyman III

[BUG] Windows 11 Context menu crashes Radeon Software & sometimes screen flickers to white image

After installing the Optional drivers 22.10.2, every time I right click on the desktop to open the context menu, Radeon software/Adrenaline keeps crashing, and the possibility to open Adrenaline from that menu is missing as well. This was happening on the previous optional driver version too.

This issue is annoying as hell, and It doesn't occur on the recommended driver.

Also another issue I noticed with the optional as well, is that my second screen sometimes flickers to a white image for a second then it switches back to whatever was there before.

I recently switched from Nvidia and did not have any issues with those drivers, I don't understand why I have to struggle this much with AMD.

Please fix this thing already...

AMD Version: 22.10.2
Windows Version: Windows 11 Pro 22H2 ( Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621 )

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Bought that RX 7900 XT GPU and i sold my 3070RTX thinking it was a huge upgrade... Jesus... the struggle since i made that move !

Radeon AMD 7900 is by FARRRRR The worst experience i've ever had to deal with. What kind of bullshiit is this ? 

Why do i have to struggle SOOOO  **bleep** HARD with STABILITY with a very high end computer like mine... all of this is related to 7900XT Drivers, all along ! 

I swear to god... i am about to **bleep**ing smash my GPU with a 15 pnd mace because this is the most annoying **bleep** i've EVER had to deal with. Its bug over bugs.. crash over crashes... 

Flickering screen to black screen to random pc reboot to **bleep**ing Adrenalyn crashing because i right click on my windows desktop ?! Like **bleep** ?! Hello ? You sold me that **bleep**ing GPU for 1600 Canadian dollars.


Can i PLEASE get a product that is actually WORKING ?

Like WHAT THE **bleep** **bleep** ?

Amd, worst **bleep**ing trash i've ever had to deal with, nojoke !