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Journeyman III

[Bug] Disgaea PC

Players of Disgaea PC (Steam) are experiencing a lot of trouble regarding the drive version. All who have AMD GPU are not able to play with driver above version 22.5.1, the game gets several black boxes in place of the characters. It would be something like playing Disgaea and having problems in several other games or simply not playing...

How can I contact AMD about this?

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Journeyman III

This issue is still happening. Disgaea PC has been unplayable on any AMD driver since 22.5.1. It's running on OpenGL so whatever optimizations were done on the later drivers broke older games it seems.

I contacted NIS and they told me it's not up to them, unfortunately the solution is with AMD, which I have already accepted will never happen

Journeyman III

after months they were able to fix the black boxes in the game, but now it has bugs with the dimensions of the maps that makes the characters protrude from a high surface in front of them. And also you can't see the box where the characters are summoned.

Yeah, this is such a turn-off. I upgraded my PC and switched from Nvidia to AMD for the Linux drivers support. Unfortunately, I couldn't have anticipated graphical glitches like the ones in Disgaea PC (and I also think Disgaea 2 PC, but I don't have it yet).


At this point I don't expect AMD to do anything, it's such a niche game and too specific of an issue.