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BSOD, Black screen on Ryzen 5 2500U Vega 8

So I can't seem to figure out what is causing these issues. I'm struggling with black screens and BSODs since December I believe when AMD first released the new Adrenalin drivers. But back then I saw that a lof of people had simmilar problems and a couple of updates later around April or May it seemed like that it got solved. Then I changed my regular HDD to an SSD, so obviously fresh install of Windows 10 (v: 2004) and I updated my drivers to the latest versions and the black screens and BSODs came back. Usually it happens when I play games like (War Thunder, Star Wars the Old Republic, F1 2018 etc) but sometimes it crashes while using Google Chrome too, even though it seems like that at least I solved this by turning hardware acceleration off. 

What I tried so far: 

-Installing the recommended driver instead of the latest one (I believe it's 20.4.2 at the moment) 
-Using DDU and reinstalling the drivers after that (I also noticed that Windows update likes to mess up my drivers by replacing them with outdated versions so I checked the box in DDU where it block the OS from installing drivers)
-reinstalling Windows 10
-updating the BIOS
-creating a registry to increase TDRDelay to 8 seconds

But none of those fixed it permanently. I also ran the diagnostic software that Lenovo provides for their laptops and it didn't find anything, so I assume that it's not a hardware failure. Tried memtest and furmark too and none of those detected a failing RAM or GPU either. 

Any suggestions?

System spec:
Lenovo IdeaPad 330
Ryzen 5 2500u with Vega 8 graphics + Radeon 540 discrete GPU
Ram: 4+4 gb 

Kingston SSD 480 GB

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Journeyman III

Does this still happen if you don't use Sleep or Fast Startup mode in Windows 10? I find my laptop gets cranky and unstable (frequent driver hangs) when playing back video content after using Sleep Mode or Hibernate. But if I do a clean reboot and stay on full power, it stays good for quite some time.


Sleep is turned off, fast startup however was on so I try disabling it and see if that works. I also installed the graphich drivers that Lenovo has on their website for the laptop even though originally I didn't want to because those are a bit outdated (last update was in February) 


So after testing it for the last two weeks:
Fast startup didn't make any differnce, however installing the old drivers provided by Lenovo brought more stability to the laptop I only got 1 random restart in over week compared to the 3 or 4 bsods/day with the most recent drivers. So even though it's good that I found an alternative and it's kinda working now, it's puzzling what is causing these problems in the new software and why.


hi , well did u find any solutions , i have the exact same laptop and my issue is even worst , right after the updates my screen wont even turn on tho the laptop does , and i dont know if there is a way to turn the laptop back on so i fix the drivers thing on the vega 8 , so any solutions ?