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Adept I

Bring back FRTC or you lose a customer.

Still on 19.12.1 because your drivers are missing necessary functionality that existed when I bought the 5700xt and have since been removed. If i knew they would be removed, I would not have bought 5700xt.

This is so ridiculous at this point. 3.5 months and all you need to do is copy paste some code that YOU ALREADY HAVE.. and if you had a clue what you were doing you'd never have removed it in the first place.

Chill is bad, there is lots of microstutter. FRTC when your PC can comfortably maintain the target limit is so much better. I am tired of constantly downloading your new drivers just to find out I have to roll back again. If I have to stick on 19.12.1 forever and so get no more optimisations for the life of this card, you lose a customer.

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