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Adept I

Brightness error not solved ?

Look, days ago in driver 18.5.2, it was with error of the brightness to change and spoil the image in the games.

I returned to the old driver and was satisfied.

But now at the moment I thought: I think they solved the problem, so I bottled it for the new driver and it's the same thing, the damn ugly glow.

I've already changed the key in regedit, I've disabled the manual brightness of windows and nothing works.

My God, what happens to you? One driver is great and the next one sucks, God damn it, when I used Nvidia, it happened to me about that damned ugly glow.

I'm not going to do any more tutorials, because none worked, I'm just going back to drive 18.3.4, and I'm going to wait a whole month until I upgrade to the new driver.

If you have that crap of glare error yet, seriously this will come down to a poorly done update. What an anger that altering brightness, a desire to punch a punch on the screen when I open the game and the brightness goes on top. It's no use putting the FULL RGB, I execute firefox the brightness changes and that curse stays.