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Journeyman III

Black screens after fresh windows install, Vega 8 driver gives an issue 31 error

After some other software issues, I just finished a fresh install of windows without issue. Since installing my AMD Raedon Vega 8 drivers, its been a living nightmare. If I leave this driver on, the outputs from the graphics card stop working, and the only way I can use my pc again is to feed out of the native motherboard vga slot. The Raedon Rx 570 series driver works perfectly fine, its just the Vega 8 driver that keeps crashing the computer. 

A look in device manager details shows that vega is highlighted with a issue 31 message, but no info on how to fix it. Anyone got any ideas on what to do? Id really like to avoid another install of windows, and all the software that would have to be reinstalled again! 

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