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Journeyman III

Black Screen After Installed New Driver (24.3.1)

Initially, on my laptop, I encountered an issue where AMD Adrenalin couldn't be opened, and there was only a menu to close and minimize the software without anything else. When I tried to close it, it wouldn't respond, and I had to force close it from the task manager. Knowing there might be a bug, I went to the official AMD website to check for any drivers I hadn't updated yet, and indeed, there was a new AMD driver. I updated it, and everything seemed normal until one day when I tried to restart my laptop, during the Windows booting process (Windows 11), I heard the typical Windows booting sound, but there was no display, just a black screen. I waited for a while, but nothing happened, so I had to force shut it down to restart. Only then it could boot up and display properly. However, when I tried to restart again, the issue reappeared, and I couldn't do anything but force shut it down. This happened for the fourth time, and still, there was no display until the fifth restart. I really need help because forcing shut down my laptop like this makes me worry about its hardware.

my laptop (HP Victus 16)

AMD Ryzen 7 7840 HS ( Radeon 780M )


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