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Adept I

Black screen after GPUdriver installation

So i have a AMD R7 265 Gpu and it used to work finw before but now when i install drivers it gives me a black screen and when i restart theres no drivers installed, I tried updating windows, checking PCI connection but nothing helps

Please help me i cant afford a new gpu at the moment 

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Adept II

I am also a member of the blackscreen club. Here is my suggestion for fixing it:

  1. AMD recommends Adrenalin 22.6.1 for your card. Download that, or any earlier verson that you know to be stable. Also download your screen driver, e.g. Acer Nitro, if that is your screen. Extract the files and put the folders on a USB stick.
  2. Download this file and put it on your USB stick:
  3. Download and install DDU.
  4. Disable internet, boot in safe mode and run DDU to remove graphics drivers, reboot.
  5. Install your screen driver from the USB stick, reboot.
  6. Run the Adrenalin installation program from your USB stick, reboot.
  7. Run the MajorGeeks script to disable driver updates in Windows Update, reboot.
  8. Enable internet.

Hopefully, your graphics driver will now be working and stable.

Thank you very much but it didn't worked out for me sadly,can it a psu problem?

Adept II

The AMD R7 265 is not very power hungry (150W) so you should be fine with a 450W PSU for your system.

From your description, it does sounds more like the typical conflict between AMD drivers and Windows Update that has been going on for months.

My black screen problems started during April of this year. Any fix I did on my system was temporary. Every time there was a Windows update or a AMD driver update, the problem got worse. The only solution in the end was to use a different brand of graphics card.



ah i see