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Journeyman III

Black, Flashing screen Issue

I have recently been having a problem with my pc that has to do with my graphics. I will explain a little before I go into the actual issue.



I have an MSI Delta 15 gaming laptop with another MSI monitor that I forget the exact model. The monitor is significantly bigger than the laptop screen. The laptop is on the left and the monitor is on the right. About a week ago, I switched from having the monitor on the left, and the laptop on the right to give me more mouse room for games. My issue started around then.



I believe that I have 2 display adapters according to windows device manager. The first one says AMD Radeon RX 6700M. This one seems to be linked to the problem as it disappears when the screen flashing happens. The other one is AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics.


The Problem itself

When I start select programs, some different things happen, but they all seem to end up with the same result. The general result is my screen flickers black, I assume that the display is losing connection or not connected properly, then after a while of doing that, the monitor seems to just disconnect. If I am lucky enough I can close the program in time for this to not happen but it usually ends up disconnecting. This mostly happens when an effected program is in fullscreen mode. The issue also only happens when the program is on my big monitor, and both monitors are set to extend mode (where I can move my mouse between the two screens.) But this differs between programs.


What happens with different programs

I'm going to split this into two different categories. One, where the problem instantly happens and two, where it takes a while to happen.


Programs where it takes a while

  • Roblox
    • Initially I was trying to access this game in fullscreen because it is easier to see on the bigger monitor. In fullscreen this happens instantly, but later I found out that when I'm in the game long enough, the problem ends  up happening in windowed mode as well.
  • Garry's Mod
    • I recently got this game and wasn't expecting this game to have the same issue because I play this in windowed mode as well but the same issue with Roblox happens here.


Programs where it happens instantly

  • Discord/Discord Canary
    • I've tried using both versions of this app and the same issue happens. I find it weird that this happens to discord of all programs, because most of the problems are in the games, but not even all of the games I have on my computer are effected. If I even try dragging discord into my monitor (without even maximizing it) the issue happens if not even worse than the other games.


End comment

I just find this issue so weird that for every program effected, the outcome is somewhat different. This is preventing me from socializing with my friends when I am not talking to them in person, so if I can get some help on this it would mean so much to me. I've been struggling with this issue or weeks and I've tried reinstalling my drivers, updating my drivers, reinstalling the games/apps, changing the hdmi cord (for the monitor) changine screen scale sizes, resolution, submitting bug reports to AMD (I was never written back to), and so much more! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope at least someone can help me with this issue.

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