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beware fake AMD drivers and FAKE OS modifications

much like display driver uninstaller which was completely unnecessary as there was already AMD cleanup utility on the AMD website.

Your OS and Bios do things like, if a monitor is plugged into the IGPU when powered on it detects and uses the IGPU as an output option in general. But the OS detects all graphics cards no matter how many and supports directx12 in windows 10 or 11 .. and then it allows them all to "just work" together. You shouldnt need to type in things like add m.gpu or other functions in for the OS. in bios theres a HYBRID graphics option for the IGPU or an AUTO mode or a mode called GAMING. So uhh you can specify how you want things in there! but some buttmonkeys dont understand that for graphics drivers theres a hybrid mode which uses both rasterization and ray techniques at the same time for things like hybridstocchastic shadows and reflections. in order to avoid it looking too 'rasterized' or overly sort of cartoonish rendered CG look that sometimes can be a thing while saving on performance for certain parts or tasks of the lighting. This causes retard **bleep**s on the internet to assume my game graphics are not ray tracing, when they are billions of times better than ray tracing as UNBIASED rendering is actually looking worse and speeding up. I use raymarching raycasting true godrays.. not the false lighting techniques like ray tracing when i game on my AMD rx630 in the LG V60 USA model phone i have or when im gaming on my PC desktop ryzen 5700G and radeon 5700XT. 

They then think this is too amazing and would disable all HYBRID functions of the OS.. or whatever? i dunno.. they also disable all the multicore multiGPU stuff just because fake hardware vendor like intel/nvidia cant see any improvements with them or for other reasons and make u download completely different fake driver installers and setups loaded with malware and disabling features or stealing them.. i dont know if they do this through the windows updates somehow or sneak it down from the ISP level or sneak into every house.. then they claim its some **bleep**ty fake hardware from intel/nvidia feature decades later even if its a **bleep**ING ADVERTISED ON THE BOX for windows 10 feature.. like multiGPU and multicore (read:directx12) and see more info on directx12.

enough of this bull**bleep**. FIX IT NOW and stop these asshats. ONLY use official microsoft or official AMD software and drivers especially for things like .net desktop runtimes get them from microsoft website or visual C++ redistributables.. dont use the **bleep** fake ones bundled with games they're most often malware or years obsolete.

put an end to retard **bleep**s and fake drivers and fake driver uninstallers..

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