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Adept I

Before making cards fix your stuttering prbolem and freesync

yeah.. I'm really tired issue with freesync. I was waiting for new driver. 20.8.1 did not fix any problem with freesync issue. I'm actually using freesync premium monitor with rx 5600 xt pulse.

I'm only playing apex legends. I had no issue like screen tearing, stuttering with g-sync.

with freesync ;

v-sync option is trash! if I want to use with freesync adding input lag and also can't eliminate screen tearings.

Enhanced sync is terrible. it's broken and can't fix any issue. even make it worse. eliminating screen tearing but stuttering hard.

radeon chill; yeah working not bad but can't eliminate screen tearings. and sometimes giving micro stutters.

radeon anti lag ; another terrible option for games. if I compare with nvidia low latency, nvidia wins x9999 times.

RTSS ; this program doesn't like amd gpu. It was working well with nvidia gpu.

frame cap -3 -4 nothing changes.

do not tell me about ''DDU'','' RAM '',''REBOOT WIN 10'', I already tried everything. There is only broken thing is '' AMD GPU '' and '' AMD'S DRIVER''.

- Tried with '' RTX 2060 '' played amazing smooth and less input lag with same build!

why amd is so disappointment? Let's be objective! I was looking for solutions. tried a lot of things. nothing changes.

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Adept II

Freesync on = Tearing is impossible, no need for v sync.

RTSS works flawlessly for me.