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Journeyman III

Battlefield 2042, Starfield among games I cannot play on 3900x and 6750xt

Not sure if this is the right forum category to post this in, apologies in advance if it is not...\

I have a PC I just built with a 3900x, 6750xt, 64gbs (3600mhz) Corsair DDR4 on a Aorus B550i. 2042 and Starfield are crashing every single time I play. Starfield crashes immediately once the game loads and I am about to start. 2042 I can play for a bit and then it crashes. I have DDU'd, fresh install of Windows, installed older GPU drivers, installed Drivers without adrenaline, undervolted the GPU, installed the CPU drivers, disabled MPO, done multiple stress tests I have downloaded and run locally, turned off Windows GPU updates, and maybe a few other things. But I have done a lot of things. I have no issue playing older games like Battlefield 1, Arma 3, CIV5, Farming Simulator or Battlebit. I am just trying to understand what the issue is. I did purchase a 5800x3d, just got it in the mail, but I think the 3900x should be able to handle the games.

I could upload the logs I sent over to AMD via the Crash Report, but can't see how to upload them.



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